Spring is in the air it’s time to Get Moving!!  With Summer not to far off let’s make a point to sit in front of the TV less and Get Moving More!!



Jill Knapp’s Second Act~

I did a Type 2 diabetes Webinar and told everyone I would put my weight loss journey video at the top of my site!! :-)

Take the Diabetes Risk Test

Today is American Diabetes Association Alert Day! In the United States, 8 million people have diabetes and don’t even know it. Are you one of them?  Please take the Diabetes Risk Test to lean your risk for type 2.  After you take the test tell someone you love to take the test and have them pass it on.

Click here to take the test:

Diabetes Alert Day1



Top 6 Fiber Foods!!

Top Fiber Foods#nationalnutritionmonth

Fit Tip!! Eat More Veggies!!

It’s #nationalnutritionmonth and the one thing that can help you gain better help is to add more vegetables into your diet.  Having them fresh and out can help avoid the pit falls of overeating.  Grab veggies everything you feel hungry!  Not only will this help you avoid bad snacking but it will help heal your body from the inside out!

Eat More Veggies YES

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