I have diabetes but it does not have me!!

diabetes does not have meToday I was talking to someone newly diagnosed with diabetes. She was down and discouraged. I told her She’s got to stay on top of the disease and not let it get the best of her. By the end of our conversation she had hope in her voice and felt #optimistic ! #livingwithdiabetes

Know the Difference!!

Know the differenceWe all need to know the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.  There really is a big difference and if we learn the cues of how to not give in to the emotional hunger we can be healthier and happier.  Emotional hunger is when we eat to not have to feel hurt feelings or deal with stress.  When your  craving sugar or bad carbohydrates you should start to evaluate your feelings and journal them so you don’t eat and numb those feelings. I have many journals and have found when I write my feelings on to paper I release stress and don’t need to turn to food to deal with my stress.  Writing is therapeutic for me.  If you don’t have a journal Ross or Target sell them for a reasonable price. Ross in my opinion has the best journals.  Journal your feelings when you feel yourself craving unhealthy food.  You will be surprised how this helps.

Perky Fruit Bodies!! YUM!

Team Perky Fruit Bodies sent me samples of their healthy what I like to call fruit roll. It’s like a Healthy version of a Fruit Roll Up!! They sent multiple samples of each flavor to review and get feedback from my family and friends.  I had my friends and my kids friends give them a try.  Everyone really liked them!!  They were chewy and had a great texture.  One bite and you knew it was real fruit and not a processed sugar snack!!  The number 1 flavor was Strawberry Banana  …  Everyone came back for 3rd and 4th’s  and 5ths of this flavor.

Perky Fruit BodiesGetting to know Gil Cohen has been great he as a passion for health and I love his motto:  Healthy Family, Healthy Children, Healthy Planet.

Talk about a healthy snack:

Benefits of Perky Fruit Bodies – Keeping It Real!

“Food should be as nature intended it to be.”

Organic Fruit – Organic crops have significantly higher antioxidant levels, less pesticide residue and lower levels of the toxics than food raised in traditional ways. Making organic fruit easily digestible and absorbed by the body.

Raw (Dehydrated) – When food is kept raw and uncooked, it is kept alive – making it a superfood; therefore all nutritional benefits are absorbed into the body and are transformed into powerful energy allowing the body to perform at its best.

Enzymes – Enzymes are most important. They help the body digest food and assimilate nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and plant fibers. In addition, enzymes assist in all chemical reactions taking place in our body; including the regeneration of cells/tissues and the elimination of waste products/toxins as well as supporting our immune system. In short, enzymes make things happen and keep our bodies working properly for all functions!

Why Gluten Free? – For people struggling with inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders, gluten free has proven to be beneficial. It has shown a gluten free diet can help prevent fatigue and help the intestine function better.

Paleo Friendly – Keeping it real! Natural, unprocessed whole foods with no additives or preservatives make the body function at its best.

Non-GMO – GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods. There is research that GMO foods implant in the DNA. In addition, GMO crops use heavy pesticides, which are very toxic and damage the environment.

Vegan – No animal products are used, which means that there are no possibilities of antibiotic residuals or animal fats to be consumed.

Low Glycemic – Low glycemic foods do not cause a significant increase in blood sugar. In addition to weight loss, a low-glycemic diet has been connected to better blood sugar, disease prevention, increased energy, and improved mood. A key to a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.

Being Diabetic I am always looking for ways to have healthier snacks in my home.  Gil has hit gold with making such a tasty healthy snack!!

My Favorite Snack

My boy’s are so sweet!! For my birthday the bought me a bag of Costco Salt and Pepper Pistachio nuts!! Seriously if you have not tried these DO!!!  Such a great treat!!  I love these as a snack on the run or instead of popcorn during movie night I opt for these as my snack!  :-)  Happy Monday!!




The importance of having a support team!

#type2diabetes , #livingwithdiabetes

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