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Thursday Thought~

take care of your bodyThis is a strong statement.  Keep this in mind before you go to the pantry.  We can all learn to change our lifestyle.  It’s a choice and sometimes for those of us who are emotional eaters it’s not always that easy.  Sometimes turning to food to heal pain is the only choice we feel we have.  I finally got what having a journal near by means.  I pick it up when feeling emotional pain instead of eating away the pain.  It’s so very therapeutic.  It’s a healthy habit I am glad I have.  They have beautiful Journals for a very low price at Ross I have about 5 now I have them for various trials I am dealing with.  Think about getting one if you don’t.  It’s been a great way to sort out feelings and deal with them or vent them instead of covering the pain with food.


YOU did it!

Thanks for sending me your results everyone.  YOU all did so well.  Many mentioned that it was so worth it.  I know a few of you gave up and that is OK.  Giving up sugar is a very hard thing to do.  When your ready do your own challenge.


Drum roll please!!

Total lost 362 pounds

Not many did there inches lost but the Top person is Leslie Miller with a total of 17 inches lost over all.

Top weight loss winner is Nicole Wilson who lost a whopping 22 pounds in 21 days.  That is amazing!!

For many it was not just about losing weight and inches.  Many stated they had more energy,  Slept better, There skin looked better, They had less cravings for bad food,  they over all had a better attitude towards life,  they were better able to focus and see it through till it was done.

Nicole wrote me and said before she did the sugar challenge she felt sluggish everyday and could not keep up with her kids.  She stated her health was in the RED and she really needed to do this to jump start some new changes.  After she did the 21 day challenge she said she could not believe the changes that took place.  She pointed out that the first 5 days sucked.  She felt horrible and had a headache for 3 days straight.  She stuck it out and by day 7 the horrible side affects of giving up sugar were slowly going away.  She said by day 15 she felt like a new person with more energy then she had in many many years.  She was not grumpy and woke up happy to start her day.

I was happy to read all of your e-mails and glad so many of you had amazing changes.

Keep up the great work!

I want to hear from you!


1aabaababbbIf you participated in the no sugar challenge I want to hear from you.  I would like to post the total of pounds and inches lost from everyone that did the challenge.  I also would love to hear how everyone did.  Click here and send me a message.  I love how many people responded and did this.  More than last year!!  Just because the no sugar challenge is over does not mean you have to be done. If you are feeling amazing and really have noticed some wonderful changes you may just want to keep sugar out of your eating plan.   It’s a better way to live!!

Click here to send me your results.

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