The importance of having a support team!

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Living with Type II Diabetes


90 Day fitness challenge starting April 6th!!  Join in and by July 4th you will be so glad you did it!!  90 days of working out.  It can be a walk, run, fitness class anything you love to do.  You just need to workout for a total of 90 days.  If you start on the 6th 90 days will put you at July 4th.  By the end of the 90 days my hope is it will be a habit and you will want to keep going!  I love a good challenge!!  So join in and start today!!  I will keep you motivated with #getupandgetmoving90 over on instagram.  My instagram name is 100poundsgone.  So go to it and JUST DO IT!!




Spring is in the air it’s time to Get Moving!!  With Summer not to far off let’s make a point to sit in front of the TV less and Get Moving More!!



Jill Knapp’s Second Act~

I did a Type 2 diabetes Webinar and told everyone I would put my weight loss journey video at the top of my site!! :-)

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