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Media Credentials:

  • Featured in “Second Act” Vitality an  Awardwinning series about real stories celebrating life, passion and reinvention.
  • Featured in “True Champions” Diabetes Documentary on 8-2016
  • Featured on WebMD Diabetes TV
  • Featured on The Dr. OZ Show
  • Featured on cover and in Health Monitor Magazine “Diabetes Guide”
  • Featured on cover and in First for Woman Magazine
  • Featured in Diabetes Forecast Magazine
  • Featured on Everyday Health
  • Featured on Everyday Diabetes
  • Featured on the DX “The diabetes experience:
  • Featured on KTVB News Interview
  • Featured in the Idaho Press Tribune
  • Featured in Nampa Life Magazine
  • Featured in Kraft Diabetes Cookbook
  • Featured on Chef Devin Alexander News letter
  • Featured on Diabetes First Post
  • Featured on K-love Radio
  • Featured on Divabetic
  • Featured on Diabetes Power Show
  • Featured on America Heart Association
  • Featured on That’s
  • Featured on Fabulous After 40
  • Featured on Daily Spark
  • Featured on
  • Featured on Weight Loss Solutions
  • Featured in Weight Loss Results
  • Featured in Diabetes friendly Cookbook
  • Featured on Latter Day Woman


  • Premier Protein Ambassador ~2017
  • Keynote Speaker at Camp Glen-Wood Youth Retreat~ Life
  • HEALTHeVoices ~2017
  • Patient/ Advisory Board 10/2016
  • HEALTHeVoices ~2016
  • Keynote Speaker at TOPS conference~2016
  • HEALTHeVoices ~2015
  • Patient/Advisory Board 9-2015
  • Patient/Advocate Health Advisory Board Meeting 9/2014
  • Health Advisory Board Meeting  7-2013
  • Obesity Health Advisory Board Meeting 5-2013


  • Community Service Award, Mrs. Idaho Pageant
  • Best Interview Award, Mrs. Idaho Pageant
  • Most Married Years Award, Mrs. Idaho Pageant
  • Mrs. Congeniality Award
  • Love This Site Award. Divine Caroline