It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month!!

Jill Knapp Featured on the cover of Health Monitor MagazineIt’s Diabetes month and I am apart of 2 big media Diabetes campaigns. This will for sure keep my month super busy but I feel really blessed.
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Happy 10 Year “Diaversary” to me!!

Jill's 10 year Diabetes Annivesary10 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes!!  It’s my “Diaversary“!!  What is a Diaversary?? In the Diabetapedia which is Wikipedia-type site but for diabetes words it’s says: Diaversary is the anniversary of the day a person was diagnosed with diabetes.  Now many will probably want to know why would you want to celebrate this day? Well, It’s the day my life chanced. I remember standing in the Dr. office frozen after he said what your describing are diabetes symptoms but let’s send you home with a monitor and have you test for a few weeks.  Everything he was saying sounded like a foreign language .  Blood sugar monitor, Test strips, blood glucose, A1c. Anyway, I left feeling overwhelmed.  My hubby being in the medical field kind of knew this may be a possibility and once my numbers started testing in the 300’s I knew I had it.

The first year was hard but I was determined to get to know as much as I could about Type 2 diabetes. I studied up on how diabetics ate and I learned for me eating low carb meals often kept my numbers in check along with the medication Metformin and exercise.  I worked out 5 days a week and really added veggies and a good mix of proteins to my diet.  I ended up losing 100 pounds after a few years and was taken off all medications.  I still have to test 3 times a day and I have kept up with exercise and eating right and still don’t take medication.  I have kept sugar out of my life but when stress is bad I have had times where I have turned to it but then get back on the wagon…

Life has changed so much now I educate others on type 2 diabetes. I public speak on the subject and motivate others to make healthy lifestyle changes.  I speak to newly diagnosed diabetics who have many concerns and help them rid of their fears and get them feeling empowered!!  I love life and being a diabetic has added blessings to my life!!  YEP!! It really has!!  So today I celebrate the 10 yrs I have had diabetes and I celebrate being a diabetic!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!


Type 2 Diabetes

Sign of diabetesIf you think you may have type 2 make a Dr appt and be check!!  I had 5 out of these 7 symptoms and I was still stubborn going in.  It took 3 extra months of feeling horrible but I really did think I was ill because of my sick new born. Now I know different and I want everyone to be tested if they have any of these symptoms.  The sooner you know the sooner you can get treatment and the sooner you will start feeling better.

What to eat to Beat Diabetes

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