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I love this photo!! So true.  I have 10 more day’s of my 30 day juice fast.  I feel amazing.  My Asthma is so much better and I love having my voice permanently back!!  That alone has kept me juicing!! As I soon well in 10 days start to add food back into my diet this is a slow process so I can find out if a food allergies contributed to my asthma.   Happy Thursday!! :-) Here is my Pinterest where I have been keeping my recipes. :-)  I will post more soon.  It’s been a super busy month since my kiddo’s have gone back to school but I will post more I promise.

Make a plan!!

Planning out your day of meals the night before can really help you stay on track… Do it!!  I don’t count calories as much as I log what I eat.  Meal planning and logging your food will help change the way you feel about food.  When you plan it out I look at it as what fuel do I need for my body this week.  Planning each day a week in advance.  If you can’t do that do it the day before.  It takes practice.  If you work pack your food for work.  Have healthy snacks on hand and really make sure your eating small amounts often. Here is a sample of what my day looks like most days.


BreakfastMeal 1
Raspberry, Flax-seed protein shake.As seen on Dr OZ ~ You want your morning to have a fiber punch to keep you full and regular.


Ingredients serve 4
15 to 20 frozen or fresh raspberries

1 banana
2 scoop of vanilla or strawberry protein powder.
1/2 cup orange juice.
1 small handful of fresh spinach. The nice thing about the spinach is that you can’t taste it and your kids would never even know that it is in the shake.
8 baby carrots.
1/4 cup dry oatmeal
1 to 2 teaspoon of flax-seed oil


Add a tiny bit of ice and blend away. You can play around with your shakes. Have fun with them and make them your own. We also add yogurt and apples sometimes. It’s a great way to start the morning.

If you want to know more about this shake that has helped so many click here!!


For Breakfast or Meal 1 you can also have 1 egg and Oatmeal with  stevia drops

AM Snack ~ Meal 2
1/2 apple and 8 almonds


PM Snack ~ Meal 3
a few handfuls of carrots and a piece of string cheese or a meal replacement protein shake or a protein bar


Lunch~ Meal 4
1/2 turkey sandwich loaded with lettuce and tomatoes. whole wheat bread no white!!


PM Snack~ Meal 5
1 protein bar


Dinner~ Meal 6
3 ounces chicken breast or Salmon
1 cup wheat pasta with red pasta sauce.
steamed veggies of your choice or bowl of fresh raw veggies


A teaspoon of peanut butter 2 times a day totally helps me keep away from sweets. It takes the edge off. Give it a try if you are really craving sugar. :-)


Also flavor water with Stevia.  YUM and I drink more water this way…  :-) Click here for the link to the one I love. Stevita Co. Inc., CHERRY Flavored Stevia Powdered Drink Mix, 2.8oz jar


If you will be at the office or gone for the whole day you need to pre-plan your meals ahead of time. You will want to take everything will you so you have no room to fail. Doing this for YOU is important.
Be good to yourself!! You deserve it!!


Thursday thought!

During the summer when the kids are off school it is important to keep healthy snacks on hand.  Do a pantry clean and get your kids involved with helping decide what goes in the pantry.  Exchange chips for wheat thins,  water for soda.  Also keep cut up veggies on hand and fresh fruit.  Make it a healthy summer for you and your family.

Read your Labels~

It’s so important you know how to read labels when shopping.  So much yeck is put in our food.  You need to know what your buying.  This chart is great.

Guide to buying in season. ~ Good To Know

The simplest way to avoid overpaying for organic produce? Buy in season. When you purchase strawberries in the middle of the winter you aren’t just paying for the fruit – you’re paying for its travel expenses too! Use this guide to learn when your favorite produce is in season.

Use this chart and never overpay for organic groceries again!

Originally published at Dr.OZ.com
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