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The Top 25 Reasons You Want To Lose Weight and Get Healthy in 2013!!

I sent out an e-mail to many wonderful people who I in touch with since bringing this blog to life.  Here are the Top 25 reason’s gave for wanting to lose weight and get healthy in the year 2013.  It took some time to get answers back but I am glad.  Here we are in Early Feb where most have already given up on there New Years Resolution.  My hope this will give you a boost in remembering the reason’s you want to gain a healthier lifestyle.

1. To be healthy and feel good.

2. So I can run and play with my kids.

3. So I can live to see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

4. So I don’t get diabetes or hypertension

5.  I Really want to be able to walk more than a block without getting out of breath.

6. I want to have a stronger body so day to day things are not so hard to do.

7. So I don’t end up like family members that have endless health problems due excess weight.

10. I really want to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.

11. So I can go to high school reunion people will actually recognize me.

10.. To wear a bathing suit without feeling I have to wear a cover up over it.

11. So I don’t hide from the camera

12.To have enough energy to keep up with my kids

13. I Really want to be able to walk more than a block without getting out of breath.

14. To not worry if my shirt shows my stomach hanging over my pants.

15.I want to like my outside as much as I like my inside and really find my life’s passion.

16.  To be able to tie my shoes without it hurting just to bend over  or having to prop my foot up on something just to get to my shoe.

17. To look good in clothes again

18. To be able to cross my legs comfortably.

19. To be able to ride a roller coaster without worrying if the bar will fit and if it doesn’t having to be told I can’t ride.  I am going to ride a roller coaster at the end of 2013

20. To be able to run in a marathon

21. To have the confidence to speak in front of people.

22. So people will stop asking when my baby is due.

23. So people won’t stare and make random rude comments about my weight.

24. So I don’t have to struggle just to get up off the floor.

25. To feel confident to go after things I really want in life.

Featured in Yahoo “Second Act”

I got a few e-mails saying the yahoo clip I did back in November was mentioned in a health magazine in the UK and they listed my site.   So now people are asking how they can see the clip.  It’s actually on the side bar of my site but I thought for easy viewing I would post it at the top of my site.  🙂

Click here “Get Up and Get Moving” to head over to my Facebook Page. We can get fit all together!! 🙂


I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing “Second Act Project” I am completely humbled by this experience. I love helping others. I really know god’s hand in my life as door after door keep opening. 🙂

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