Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

obesity month

In the past four decades, obesity rates in the United States have soared among all age groups.  This rise in obesity rates has affected our youth in alarming fashion. Childhood obesity has increased more than fourfold among those ages 6 to 11. One in 3 children in the United States is overweight or obese. Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once seen only in adults, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Whether your child is at risk of becoming overweight or currently at a healthy weight, you can take proactive measures to get or keep things on the right track.

Set a good example.  Make sure you are getting the exercise you need and that you are eating healthy.  Invite your child to go on a walk or bike ride and support exercise as a family

Have healthy food in your home.  Kids eat what is offered and what is provided in the home.  Make sure to have healthy food on hand for snacks and cook healthy meals for your family.

Click  HERE ON KIDS EAT RIGHT and you will find ton’s of good tips to set up a healthy environment in your home.

Click here on my Diabetic Recipes Pinterest. You don’t have to be a Diabetic to use these.  They are a great recourse for anyone who wants to cook healthier meals.


Juice with Jill

I love this photo!! So true.  I have 10 more day’s of my 30 day juice fast.  I feel amazing.  My Asthma is so much better and I love having my voice permanently back!!  That alone has kept me juicing!! As I soon well in 10 days start to add food back into my diet this is a slow process so I can find out if a food allergies contributed to my asthma.   Happy Thursday!! 🙂 Here is my Pinterest where I have been keeping my recipes. 🙂  I will post more soon.  It’s been a super busy month since my kiddo’s have gone back to school but I will post more I promise.

UNPLUG ~ Be Outside! Be Active! Play!

Keep your kids moving

Click here to find out about events!!

A look at Obesity in America

Obesity in America InfographicInfographic Via: Golden Rule Insurance Company

Are you addicted to sugar? Take the quiz!

Yes!!!   I am addicted to sugar.  I am on day 10 of having NO sugar.  I started a 90 day challenge to get off sugar because I really feel better when I just don’t have sugar!!  I came up with this quiz to help you decide if you might be addicted to sugar.  This is everything I have asked myself prior to getting off sugar and I answered YES to all of them.  I would say if you answer 8 out of the 10 you may want to consider joining in on the challenge. 

I know back in the early part of  January when I was dealing with a load of stress I was thinking oh no I keep turning to sugar.  At the time in my mind I new this was only temporary but in reality I had been using sugar in 2012 to deal with the really bad year I was having.  Coming out of the fuzzy blur in January I really think I was ready to give up but it was not until Feb 9th that I just decided it’s time.  YOU have to be ready to do this.  I was off for 2 full years and loved it.  I want that healthy feeling back and I know for me ditching sugar is the way to get it. 

If you are ready to give up sugar leave a message and join the challenge.  Challenge Ends May 4th but this does not mean I am giving up my healthy lifestyle.

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