Nampa Fit Studio “Photo Shoot”

I was so sick with Asthma last week at this time I just thought there was no way I was going to make the big photo shoot @ Nampa Fit Studio. This bummed me out so I had a blessing and Yes the next day I work up feeling so much better. I was able to make it to the photo shoot and really enjoyed the evening with all of the other studio instructors. I can’t wait to share the photos. for now here is one of me on my way to the photo shoot.

Featured on The DX: The Diabetes Experience

Take off Pounds Sensibly Convention

I was blessed to be the key note speaker at the Regional Tops~ Take Off Pounds Sensibly Convention.  I met many wonderful people and as I come out of that stressful 2012 I am able to share things that I could not before. I shared about the journey of losing 100 pounds.   I  felt the raw emotion as I connected with the audience speaking on the struggles with emotional eating.  I truly felt transparent and for that I am blessed.

Here are a few pics from after I spoke.

Second Act~

I totally forgot ladies from the TOP’s convention wanted to see the yahoo video. It is on my side bar but it’s easier if I just post it at the top. Loved meeting all of you. It was such a great experience. :-)

A very Happy Birthday!!

All I can say is Wow!!  I had one of the Best Birthday’s ever.  I was invited and attended a health event in San Fransisco. I was in beautiful down town San Fransisco for 3 days!! I  stayed at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square click here to see the hotel…. I  Loved every min.  I met so many amazing people with a passion to help others have a happy healthy life.  What an great adventure.  Today was my Birthday and what a awesome gift.  Basically a paid vacation as I looked at it.  My pedometer said I walked over 40,000 steps today shopping and sightseeing.  I made it back into Boise at 10:40pm.  With a warm embrace from my husband I was happy to be home.  Kissed each of my kids now I am ready for bed.  We will have a family celebration tonight.  Fun times and a very Happy Birthday!!

A wonderful group of people dedicated to helping others gain good health    
I did get my workouts in when I was gone!! :-)
Talk about Shopping!!  This amazing Forever 21 was enormous.  It had 3 floors.  I had a blast shopping…


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