3 tips to “GET UP and Get Moving”

get moving

3 Tips to get you moving and making exercise a part of YOUR LIFE!!!!!

1. Don’t Think!!  JUST DO!!

Don’t just sit around thinking about exercising.  Get Up and Get Moving!!  Do it!!  Words are Words!!  Put action to those words and get moving!

2. Do It For YOURSELF!!!!

Don’t do it for Grandma, Dad, Hubby, Do it for yourself!!  You will most likely make this goal of getting exercise apart of your life if you do it for yourself.  Sure you can make doing it for your family because you want to live along life with them apart of the reason you want to get in shape.  BUT do this for YOU!!   YOU deserve it and if you can take the time make a vision board to inspire you so on the days you don’t want to get out of bed you can look at it and remember this is for you!!  To better YOU, your life, your health!!

3. Mix It UP!!!

Do all kinds of exercise.  Don’t get yourself board by doing the same thing everyday.  Walk, Take group fitness classes,  Run on the beach,  Do some weight lifting at the gym,  Do a fun out door boot camp class.  MIX it up and keep it fresh.  Locally we have Nampa Fit Studio!!  

They have all kinds of great classes from BodyPump with weights to Zumba!!   So get in and come have some fun!!





Healthy Diabetic Recipes

I have gotten many e-mails lately asking me if I could post a few healthy recipes. I can do better then that.  Here is my link to my healthy recipes pinterest board.  It say’s diabetes recipes but it’s for anyone who wants to eat healthier.  It has so many great recipes.


Click here to go to Pinterest Board!!

New Year~ New You!

New year New You 2016

I took some time off!!  It’s been wonderful spending time with my family!!  I am back feeling refreshed and renewed!!

New years are great!! New Slate!!  I love the start of the new year and all it offers…

So what do you want your 2016 to look like??  We can do anything we put our minds too.  So start by writing down some goals.

Write it down!! Write it down!!  I can’t stress this enough!!

Map out how you are going to reach your goal. Set goals you can reach. I really do believe if your goals are not written down they are just dreams. When you write them down and put them somewhere you can see them it will set off events that will change your life.

Maybe your goal is to get moving!!  Well do it!  Don’t let anything this year stop you!  Join some fitness classes.  Group fitness with Zumba, Bodypump, Kickboxing are all great classes and the fun part is your doing a class with other people!!  Local Nampa fit studio has with code 1FREE4ME gets you a free class so you can come in and try a class!!  Click here to go to their site.

Maybe you want to start eating healthier food.  I think the one bit of advice I can offer on this subject is give up sugar.  You can have a treat now and then but getting sugar out of your life comes with a overall great feeling.  I can’t describe it but once it’s truly out of your system you truly feel better overall.  I have a few pinterest board called Sugar Detox.  It has so many great pins that will help you understand why Sugar just is so unhealthy you may just want to jump on in and give the toxic drug up!! 🙂

Click here to go to my Sugar Detox Board!

What ever your goal maybe making a vision board is a awesome tool!

You need to have a clear vision of your goals!  You can feel free to let your imagination wonder as you create your future on this board.  This will help you create what you want from the inside and you can see it daily.

You will need a poster board. You can add sayings and pictures cut out from magazines. Healthy foods, Pictures of people near your ideal weight or even a picture of yourself at your ideal weight. Don’t hold back. You can put pictures that represent you and your dreams. Envision yourself and your new life and make this vision board all about your future.
Now place your board you will see it every day. If you look at it daily it will leave a imprint in your subconscious mind and you will make your board into reality.

Happy New Year!!

Happy Holiday ~Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Giveaway!!

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Jill Knapp’s Holiday Fit Tips!!

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!! Here are 15 tips to get you through the rest of the month. 🙂

Fit tip #1 ~ OK we are into December. Big eating month for sure. It’s OK to enjoy little goodies but work for them. Make sure you get your workouts in so you can feel great. Also when you exercise you won’t feel like eating big amounts of Junk food. Work hard and don’t let this month get you down. You can take control and make healthy choices.

Fit tip #2 Drink 1 10 oz glass of water 20 min before each meal.  This will help you feel full and you will be less tempted to overeat.

Fit tip #3    if you are invited to bring a side dish to a Christmas party bring a vegetable platter. Snack on your own platter enough to get a bit full then eat a small amount of the other items on the table. This will save you a load of calories and you wont feel guilt at all !! 🙂

Fit tip #4  Do not starve yourself to think your saving your calories for the big bash. This can unleash the hungry beast and you will overeat , pig out or just darn right eat everything in sight. Instead make sure you eat and drink enough during the day so when you get to the party you can choose wisely.

Fit Tip # 5   Don’t skip workouts. This month is busy for sure but if you plan ahead you won’t miss workouts. Even if you only do a 20 min walk or a 30 min workout DVD add it to your day. This will keep you motivated to staying on the path of having a Healthy Holiday! Come take a BODYPUMP class at nampafitstudio if you can. First one is free. 1FREE4ME @ www.nampafitstudio.com.

Fit Tip #6  Water, Water and More water. With Winter coming the weather can be so dry. Water is so good for our skin. Also drinking a glass before each meal can really aid in helping you not overeat. Be good to yourself. At least get 8 but up to 10 8 oz glasses of water a day. 🙂

Fit Tip #7
Consider giving the gift of fitness to yourself and loved ones. Here are a few ideas for gifts.
Fitness resistance balls
The best pedometer is the Omron. Tracks really well. click here
Exercise bands and tubing

Fit Tip #8  if you are local Consider giving the gift of fitness by getting yourself or your friends and family credits to nampafitstudio. They offer so many different classes and you have the network of working out with others to help you meet your workout goals. http://nampafitstudio.com and don’t forgot your first class is free using code 1FREE4ME

Fit Tip #9 If you find yourself getting loads of holiday treats as gifts making there way to your house Re-gift them. You don’t have to eat everything that comes to your home this month you can even Take home-baked goods to a homeless shelter. Also a tip from being a fire fighters daughter take treats to the fire stations. They will for sure love them. 🙂

Fit Tip #10 I have to give this tip over and over because it is one that many struggle with. Drink Your Water. Research has shown that when people drink more water they really do eat fewer calories during the day it will keep that full feeling so you wont overeat. Also with dry weather it so good for your skin. So keep drinking. Take a paper out and leave it where you will see it mark it throughout the day so you know your are getting your min of 10 8 0z glasses a day!! Drink UP!! It’s good for you… 🙂

Fit tip #11 Understand that Being Healthy is a Lifestyle.  If you really want some good changes you really need to take change seriously.  Having a good combo will make for success.  Proper sleep, Good nutrition, and daily physical activity.  Use exercise to deal with holiday stress.  It works!!  It really works!!

Fit tip # 12 Holidays can be hard but with variety and moderation you can get through them without weight gain. Focus on eating lot’s of veggies during the day in between your meals and also if you have a slip and eat some junk don’t be to hard on yourself. Just get back on track the next meal. Stay motivated knowing you want to enjoy the holidays but everything in moderation!! 🙂

Fit tip #13 I track what I ate on Everyday health my calorie counter. Click here to go to Everyday Health Calorie Counter.
Having this as a tool.. Give it a try and stay accountable
Read the stories of many that have lost weight using this simple tool. I was blessed to be one of the users they featured but there are so many success stories.  Click  here to see Calorie Counter Success Stories.

Fit tip #14  Take a 10 minute you break each day.  Holidays can bee so stressful and YOU breaks are needed.  Set or lay in a comfortable position.  Take so nice deep breaths.  Inhale in nice and slowly than breath out through your nose slowly.  I have really had to do this regularly when I am stressed with my asthma.  But it can help with any of life stresses.  So be good to yourself and give yourself a few relaxing minutes each day to do this

Fit Tip #15  OK, so you can’t get in a workout today.  Well I preach not to skip them so just get your exercise in while on your errands, shopping or baking for Christmas.  Park far away from the store or mall.  Walk at a brisk pace in and out to your car.  While baking take a 5 to 10 min brake and do some push-ups and sit-ups. Instead of driving to see all the lights in your neighborhood take a family walk and enjoy the lights with the ones you love.  At night you could grab the kids and do Wii just dance.  We always have a blast doing this and its a fun way to enjoy time with your family.


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