3 ways to have a happy and healthy fall!

Boost your vitamin D intake.

Did you know our body absorbs vitamin D through skins sun exposure. Winter is coming and during the fall you can start supplementing on cloudy or cold days that your not getting sun. This will help your body prepare for the winter. Vitamin D plays a very important role on calcium absorption and in our immune system function. Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 should be taken together. These vitamins work to boost absorption and effectiveness. The one I use from Amazon is the best priced and works well. I hope they never take this one off the market! Click here to view Vitamin D, K2

Stay hydrated!

Dropping temperatures and dry air can lead to dehydration. Make sure your drinking enough water. Our body depends on water to function properly. Water supports our hair, skin and nails along with regulating our blood pressure and heart rate. Adding some type of flavoring always helps me to be able to drink more! I have to be careful to what I add due to my diabetes. Recently I found an incredible flavoring that has all natural ingredients. No artificial sweetener or preservatives. It’s called TRUE. Click on the following flavors. These are my favorite! grapefruit , Orange , Lemonade or go for trying All flavors .

Stay Active~

As it gets colder it’s easy to decide let’s just stay in and watch TV or a movie. Especially once the time changes and days get shorter. Don’t get lazy! Find ways to stay active! Bundle up and get your family outside to rake leaves. Look for a neighbor that could use some yard work and gather the family to go do some service by raking up leaves. Take a walk before the sun goes down. After being active relax and enjoy the season of fall with down time and relaxation.

Happy Fall!

4 Fitness Ideas for Seniors to Maintain Their Overall Health While Staying Safe

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4 Fitness Ideas for Seniors to Maintain Their Overall Health While Staying Safe

Maintaining an active lifestyle is excellent for people of all ages, especially during such uncertain times. For seniors, staying active can come with numerous benefits, including strength and balance improvement, lowered risk of health issues like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, improved mood and feelings, enhanced ability to learn, think and decide, and boosted appreciation of one’s self. Get Up and Get Moving shares some great ideas to help seniors stay in good health.

Stay Healthy With Mild Physical Activities

Numerous seniors suffer from boredom and depressive thoughts due to isolation or health conditions that may limit their ability to exercise fully. This issue should not be looked down upon as isolation affects physical and mental health and is a precursor for depression. Fortunately, there are ways for seniors to stay active and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few great ideas to explore on how to stay active as a senior while prioritizing safety. 

Volunteer or Help at Church

Getting yourself more involved in the church community by volunteering to mow the lawn of a friend who cannot do it themselves or taking care of the clean-up work at the church can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. This way, you get to stay healthy and also discover new things, meet new people, and perhaps even acquire a new passion – all while following your area’s social-distancing rules. Maintain your overall health and positive outlook by doing things that are not only enjoyable but also meaningful.

Participate in Senior Sport or Activity Classes

Many churches have created activity classes for different ages since the pandemic started. While respecting the safety rules, these classes include various fitness activities, including golf, yoga, exercise classes, Tai Chi, and performance classes.

Exercise can help decrease the risk of developing different diseases and disabilities as you grow older. Regular movement and exercise are vital and treatment for numerous chronic conditions, as well as mental issues. People with heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, balance problems, high blood pressure, and difficulty walking can benefit from daily exercise – whether done in a social-distanced class or at home. Church activity classes are a great place not only to stay active but to meet new people as well. In case you’re unable to frequent the church classes, ensure you maintain your fitness routine at home. There are numerous easy and simple exercises to do indoors, such as stretching, indoor walking, playing Wii games, or step workouts.

Go on a Hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore new sights and places while getting some relaxation time and keeping up with your fitness routine. If your church isn’t organizing such a trip, you can step up and do it with your church friends, especially since there aren’t many people out now. While staying safe, you can take advantage of various perks such as senior travel deals and the flexibility to pick up and go. Make sure you pack an emergency kit, health insurance cards, and enough medication. 

Grow an Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden is very easy and requires almost no gardening experience; however, it keeps your body and mind sharp. A herb garden is also easy to maintain and doesn’t need massive effort. One of the biggest advantages of having a herb garden is that you can easily grow the herbs to then taste and enjoy various new combinations. This also helps improve your health, as herbs are incredibly wholesome for our bodies. When we learn to use herbs in different dishes, we can be assured that we’re consuming a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet. Herbs are particularly helpful as we age since it helps reduce and even eliminate various food additives that aren’t necessarily healthy. Some of the herbs you can keep indoors include oregano, thyme, lemongrass, basil, parsley, chives, and mint.

The Bottom Line

Physical activity helps you stay independent, healthy and keep doing the activities you enjoy. No matter your fitness level, there are numerous fun, low-cost, and safe activities to enjoy and keep doing to maintain your overall health.

The struggle is real!

Anyone struggle with Hormones and Thyroid issues?? #thestruggleisreal
Age 51 was when I started not feeling like myself.   My Dr. Just kept treating my symptoms and not listening to me. I finally had enough of that and found a awesome nurse practitioner who specialized in hormones & thyroid. I knew I wasn’t losing my mind and just gaining weight out of nowhere . I was still eating low carbs and it seemed like a mystery. This practitioner tested me for everything under the sun!  Come to find out low thyroid and non-functional adrenal glands were the culprit. I started on medication for my thyroid and she put me on awesome supplements to help my adrenals.

Now six months later the weight is coming off but that’s along with doing low carbohydrates lots of vegetables, and getting proper sleep. Those are the most important things to do when you have thyroid issues. it’s also important to do weight lifting.
For woman over 50 your body really starts to change and cardio does not do what it did when you were in your 20s and 30s and even when you were in your 40s. Weightlifting however builds muscle and burns fat. So although it’s important to do some cardio for good heart health you also raise your heart rate when you are weight lifting. amazingly enough send March 27th I have lost 26 pounds. I have more energy than I used to but come to find out just from recent blood work my thyroid is still slightly low. So again we’ve adjusted my medication adjusted some supplements and I’m sure I’ll feel even better than I do now a month from now.

Also many of the supplements that I am taking ate for good gut health. ***Always remember your best health advocate. Never settle for a doctor that is not listening. Shop around there’s lots of great doctors out there!!
Here is a face by face pic. I will post when I have a body by body pic.

Jill’s Tuesday Fit Tip

In life we have no remote! We must make change and press forward. Giving up is never an option!


Jill’s Amazon Fav’s!!

Jill’s Amazon Fav’s

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