Thursday Thought!

So just for today eat healthy.  Then you won’t have to go though the emotional cycle of eating bad.  Happy Thursday!!  🙂

Losing weight is a JOB! As seen on the Dr. OZ show!

JOB for Losing Weight:
J – Journal the Food You Eat (this will keep you accountable for the food you eat)
O – Obstacles will Occur Every Day (Don’t give in- look for solutions)
B – Be Patient and Kind to Yourself, (It took time to put this weight on and takes time to get it off.

I have a great plan that will really help all who struggle with emotional eating.
Journal your emotions instead of eating them. Work hard on digging deep and finding out why your turn to food for comfort.
Eating Plan of action:
1. Make your morning all about fiber with my Spinach Raspberry flaxseed oil shake. My recipe!
2. Afternoon snack: Spoonful of peanut butter. It will kill the sweet tooth and helps with dry skin.

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