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In life we have no remote! We must make change and press forward. Giving up is never an option!


Jill’s Amazon Fav’s!!

Jill’s Amazon Fav’s

Weight Loss

26 pounds down since March 27th ..  The right Thyroid medication and eating right and exercising and good sleep!!

Anyone struggle with Hormones and Thyroid issues?? Age 51 was when I started not feeling like myself. My Dr. Just kept treating my symptoms and not listening to me. I finally had enough of that and found a awesome nurse practitioner who specialized in hormones And thyroid. it was so comforting explaining that I knew I was not gaining weight because of poor eating weight was just coming on. This practitioner tested me for everything! For that I was grateful come to find out I have low thyroid and basically non-functional adrenal glands.

I was started on medication for my thyroid and she put me on some great supplements to help my adrenals. Now six months later the weight is coming off but that’s along with doing low carbohydrates lots of vegetables, and getting proper sleep. Those are the most important things to do when you have thyroid issues. it’s also important to do weight lifting. For woman over 50 your body really starts to change and cardio does not do what it did when you were in your 20s and 30s and even when you were in your 40s. Weightlifting however builds muscle and burns fat. So although it’s important to do some cardio for good heart health you also raise your heart rate when you are weight lifting. amazingly enough send March 27th I have lost 26 pounds. I have more energy than I used to but come to find out just from recent blood work my thyroid is still slightly low. So again we’ve adjusted my medication adjusted some supplements and I’m sure I’ll feel even better than I do now a month from now.

Always remember your best health advocate. Never settle for a doctor that is not listening. Shop around there’s lots of great doctors out there.
Here is a face by face pic. I will post when I have a body by body pic. #diabetesadvocate #healthactivis #patientadvocate #keto #lowcarb #lowthyroid #hashimotos #over50

Loved when this memory popped up!!

After a year of dealing with thyroid issues, I am finally on the right medication and have been able to get some weight off. I have my energy back and I feel so much better. When this memory popped up on my Facebook page I was able to look at it and remember how good it feels to not have that extra weight on my body. Thyroid is a serious issue for a lot of people out there. The weight gains that comes from low thyroid sucks! It takes so long to get the Dosage just right so you can start feeling better. For some I hear never it never gets better and medication does not help. I feel for those people.
As a patient advocate I will always say if you don’t feel like your doctor is doing what they should FIND the new doctor. Never settle for poor health. There are doctors out there that can help. My first doctor just kept on giving me medicines for symptoms not finding out what the problem was. He’s no longer my doctor. I now see somebody that addresses the core of the issue and that is why I am feeling better.

Be your own advocate

Do you know what’s going on with your body??  Are you tired, can’t lose weight having brain fog.  Well those were only of the few symptoms I was having at the beginning of the new year.  I have low thyroid but came to find out it was more then just my thyroid acting up.    I have been on thyroid medication for awhile but my blood test in Feb showed such low numbers that it was like I was not even taking medication.  So now I am doing medication and supplements.  Since I started the new regimen and I am feeling better.   I have gone back to NO SUGAR very low carbs but am eating healthy fat’s.  I am also doing some intermittent fasting which is amazing.  So many great benefits.  Just being committed to this lifestyle I know my body will react in a positive way as it continues to show me.

We are our best advocate for our own health. Most of the time we can figure out what works and what doesn’t for our selves.  Sure Dr’s are great but I have found through the years that there are some better then others.  I take as minimal as medication as possible and that was not happening with my old Dr.  I went Dr shopping and have found one that is not pro medication for every little symptom.  Quit the opposite.  She is all about finding out what is causing the symptom and getting the entire picture before even thinking of medication.

Our health is so important and taking care of ourselves is so very important.  Don’t let symptoms go unchecked.  More problems can develop from putting off figuring out what your body is doing or not doing.

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