Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday ~ Prevent type 2 diabetes

Taking the proper steps to prevent type 2 diabetes will aid you tremendously.

I remember the day I found out I had type 2 diabetes. Some to the same tips the Dr. gave me can actually prevent you from getting type 2.

1. Get educated!! Education is priceless and empowering.

2. Eat Whole Grain: Eating whole grain is so much better for you. Cut out as much white as you can, white sugar, white flour. I use Wheat flower in most all of my cooking and baking now and my kids don’t even know the difference.

3. Use the healthy fats! Being aware of the healthy fats and the not so healthy fats can really open your eyes. Use the olive oil is such a better choice and so is canola. Don’t use the fake guacamole. Buy a avocado and make your own by smashing up the avocado and adding salsa. Try to find a natural salsa with less sugar. A avocado has the good fats in it.

4. Portion control: Use a smaller plate to eat with. Losing just 10 pounds can make a difference. it’s all about portions. Keep a weight log and if you need to lose weight do it. If you don’t stay within a 5 pound range of the weight you are at.

5. Skip the soda!! Soda is 100% sugar and just like fruit punch and fruit juices they are all just loaded with sugar. Water, water and more water. Sometimes our bodies get headaches or feel hungry more often then we should. Reach for a glass of water before popping a pill or eating food. If the feeling goes away it really was water you needed.

A lifestyle change is ongoing and really something that takes discipline. In the long run you live a healthier happier life and can avoid the complications of type 2 diabetes.

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