Guest Speaker at Anytime fitness Biggest loser education night

Speaking to the contestants of the biggest loser challenge at anytime fitness
Rebecca Carington, Me and Rick Johns
Answering questions.


A few of the contestants from the challenge.


Tonight I was honored to be the guest speaker at the Anytime Fitness Biggest Loser Contest educational night. I shared my story and helped get the contestants motivated to begin their journey. My fitness trainer Rebecca Carington and Rick Johns from Discount Sport Nutrition also spoke to the group of contestants. It was a great night and I was glad I was invited to speak. šŸ™‚

Mrs. Idaho International Pageant

My wonderful Pageant Sisiter’s in our opening number dress.
Back stage pageant night. 

Taken after interviews.
After losing 100 pounds and competing in this pageant sure had me reflect on this past year. What an amazing year it’s been. I have learned so much about myself. My love for helping others has grown and grown and I sure love all I have been able to do with my platform.
Here Pictures from Pageant weekend.Wow! What a wonderful weekend it was. Sorry it took me so long to post but after the pageant I spent some time sleeping and time with my family. I started getting back to normal life sometime late Monday.
I had so much fun in the the Mrs.Idaho International pageant. It’s been 20 yrs since I did a pageant and to be on-stage was amazing.
I am happy to report I got in the Top 5 of 19 wonderful woman. I also won the Spirit of pageantry award AKA: Mrs. Congeniality and the Community Service Award. Both meant so much to my heart. I loved my pageant sisters and the wonderful Miss and Teens I got to know.I also love my community and have just had the best experience being able to spread my message.
. A big thank you to all of my sponsors and to everyone that showed up to the pageant. Thank you to everyone who gave me so much support.
I also want to thank my wonderful personal trainer Rebecca Carington . She has stood by my side these past 9 weeks and really not only trained me but lifted my spirits so high each and every time we saw each other.
To my family who I love so dearly. Thank you for being there for me through this whole journey. I love and appreciate you so much. šŸ™‚ Jill

Anytime Fitness Biggest Loser Competition

A group picture of prospective contestants for the upcoming biggest loser competition.

Upcoming biggest loser competition at the Anytime fitness on Caldwell Blvd.

Rebecca Carington (My personal trainer) and her Brother Jeff Camperud who is also a trainer will be heading up this competition. Sounds so fun and that is one of my favorite shows to watch. I wish well to all who participate. 




Discount Sport Nutrition

I had a great day at the 2nd Anniversary of Discount Sport Nutrition. I was able to talk to many people about diabetes and Weight loss and Nutrition. This is a picture of Brandon Grow who was Muscle man for the day on 12th Ave. He had me laughing so hard. šŸ™‚ People were honking and laughing.


This picture was taken with the owner Rick Johns and my fitness trainer Rebecca Carington. Much thanks to Rick for inviting me to be a part of this great Anniversary day.

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