Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday!

Get Educated!!

November is National Diabetes Month! Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Insulin is necessary for the body to be able to use glucose for energy. When you eat food, the body breaks down all of the sugars and starches into glucose, which is the basic fuel for the cells in the body. Insulin takes the sugar from the blood into the cells. When glucose builds up in the blood instead of going into cells, it can cause two problems:
Right away, your cells may be starved for energy.
Over time, high blood glucose levels may hurt your eyes, kidneys, nerves or heart.
Finding out you have diabetes is scary. But don’t panic. Type 2 diabetes is serious, but people with diabetes can live long, healthy, happy lives.
Diabetes occurs in people of all ages. Pregnant women who have never had diabetes before but who have high blood sugar (glucose) levels during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women – about 135,000 cases of gestational diabetes in the United States each year. Untreated or poorly controlled gestational diabetes can result in babies with excess insulin who become children who are at risk for obesity and adults who are at risk for type 2 diabetes.
Youth and type 2 diabetes Type 2 diabetes is now being seen in our youth on a frightening level. Children and teens are not getting enough exercise and are eating too much fast food and junk food. The effects are beginning to show a shocking and unnecessary rise in Type 2 diabetes amongst them. The rise in type 2 diabetes amongst our youth is now at epidemic proportions, along with the usually accompanying obesity factor. If you do have diabetes just remember it’s never to late to work hard and get in under control though eating right and exercising.
No matter how old you are you can change! Eating right and Exercising is the key.

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