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At The Studio, our unique workouts are changing the face of fitness, but more importantly, we’re changing the fees of fitness.

There is no contract. No enrollment fees, no enhancement fees, and no cancellation fees…did we miss any fees that gyms charge? Instead we have created a credit system that can be customized, literally, to ANY budget. Once you’ve created an online account you can purchase the number of credits that fit within your budget. This means you can just purchase one at time or buy in bulk to receive special pricing. Your credits expire one year from the date-of-purchase and can be redeemed by registering for any class we offer. If you find yourself addicted to one or more of our unique classes (which happens a lot), you can purchase Unlimited Monthly Credits and we’ll make sure your account is well stocked every month.

Love to dance? Try the hottest trend in fitness, Zumba®, or shake it up with BellyDancing or Hip-Hop Hustle.

Need a little balance in your life? We offer several Yoga formats; from traditional Iyengar and Kundalini Yoga styles to the latest release of PiYo® (Pilates + Yoga, from the makers of P90x®) Plus, in the winter months you’ll love our Warm-Room Yoga.

Feel like you just need to hit something? Come on in for Cardio Kickboxing or TurboKick®

Think you’re ready to dial up the intensity? Kettlebells or our challenging  Bootcamp may be just what you’re looking for.

At The Studio, there really is something for everyone and all of our certified instructors can show you how to customize the workout that’s right for you – whatever your fitness level.


A word from Kim at the Gym!!

Dear Studio Students (and would be students)

Did you know that when you buy 8 credits to The Studio, you get 2 for FREE? You may ask yourself, “Self, how can 10 measly credits change my entire summer?”
In just 10 hours The Studio instructors can get you swimsuit ready and on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle!
The average calorie burn at a Studio class is around  500cals/hour, mix and match any 10 classes and you could burn more than 5,000 calories!!!
Try that on a treadmill (without dying of boredom)
Whatever format you try- The Studio instructors will be here with a smile. So grab your 10 credits and get in here. We’ll see you in class!
Student Jill Knapp lost 100lbs and reminds us that there will ALWAYS be road blocks on every fitness journey.
The Studio is honored to have Jill Knapp as one of our most devoted students. Her journey hasn’t been easy –  in fact, sometimes it’s been down right awful! While trying to reach her weight loss goals she suffered a shattered ankle, the loss of a dear family member, and the everyday challenges of balancing family life with personal time.
Jill Knapp.mp4
Jill Knapp’s 100lb Weight Loss


Nampa Fit Studio ~ Has New Classes!!

This week we have TWO new classes for you to check out without using a single credit! Come try one or both. If you don’t like them, you can have your calories back!


HOT new class…Literally!
You asked for it!
Extreme Heat Yoga launches this Saturday at 4:00pm! The launch is a 0 Credit Trial class but you must be registered to attend.
This is a HIGH-INTENSITY, 90 minute, co-ed class which follows Vinyasa method(connected poses) in temperatures reaching 90+
Because of the length and intensity of the class, it will be offered on The Studio schedule as a 2 credit course.
Not recommended for pregnant women. Come prepared to sweat. Drink plenty of water before, during and after class.  

Saturday @ 4pm or
Contact Cate Tedeski with questions: (208) 407- 9931

We’ve got the hoops – you bring the hips!
Another great way to whittle your middle! Fitness hooping is making headlines nationwide and The Studio’s got it!
Fitness hoops are larger and heavier than the ones you remember as a kid which actually makes them easier to maneuver and gives a great calorie burn.
It’s low impact on joints and it’s a great way to strengthen your-core muscles. Plus, The Studio format adds other exercises into the mix so your sure to get a great total body workout.
Try if free this Thursday at our 6:30pm launch without using a single credit! Space is very limited so be sure to register early for-this one!

Nampa Fit Studio! ~ New Classes!


At Nampa Fit Studio we do the research to bring you the most fun and effective workouts available. Here are the latest additions to our line up and the scoop on our newest instructors!

Reva Mahaffey – Belly Dancing
Yea, we have that now!

Meet Reva, she signed up for her first belly dancing class in 2008 and was immediately hooked. After studying for two years as an apprentice she began performing around the Treasure Valley and is very excited to be among the first instructors in Nampa.

Her class could be described as soulful, progressive, tribal, even gypsy but Reva’s style can’t be summed up in just a few words- so we won’t even try!


Along with a great calorie burn, Belly Dancing relieves stress, tones buns, thighs, (and of course belly’s) and allows you to open your heart and mind to a new world of femininity.

So sign up and joing the fun! Talk about a fun way to get shape.
Click on photo to sign up!

Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday ~ Get Up and Get Moving

We all know that exercise is good. From weight management, controlling diabetes, cholesterol along with high blood pressure. It also helps prevent heart disease. The benefits seem endless.

Exercise also boots energy and helps us manage stress. Studies show that it can save our lives and improve our quality of life.

According to the Surgeon Generals Report on health and physical activity higher levels of exercise are associated with the lowering of mortality rates.

Now I have to ask, with all of these benefits why is it that less than 50% of Americans are leading a active lifestyle??

We really need to start getting off the couch and start moving!

We know longer can afford to use the same old excuses that often keep us from moving.
I am too busy to exercise, I am too tired to exercise.

Let’s stop the excuses of life being to busy and start putting exercise as a priority.

Make it a priority.

“Get Up and Get Moving”

1. When going to the store or mall park as far away as you can from the entrance and walk.

2. If you must watch TV march, use a treadmill or do steps on your Wii fit if you have one.

3. Buy a pedometer to mark your progress. I just got one when I was on the Dr. OZ show and I had know Idea how hard it is to get in 10.000 steps a day. Now doing this every day I don’t have time to sit around. I have to keep moving.

4. Make exercise fun! Walking, running, Zumba, gardening. Do what makes you happy to get your body moving.

5. Walk during your lunch break.

6. Stick in your favorite work out DVD.

7. Make sure you have some variety in your exercise. Most people get bored and end up stopping exercising.

8. Take your kids on along long walk. Bike ride with your family. This will instill in your family the importance of getting exercise.

9. Train for an event. Having a mental commitment is a great way to get fit.

10. Honor yourself by making exercise apart of your life. Schedule time in your life for exercise.

Live Long, Live Happy!!

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