Guest Speaker at Anytime fitness Biggest loser education night

Speaking to the contestants of the biggest loser challenge at anytime fitness
Rebecca Carington, Me and Rick Johns
Answering questions.


A few of the contestants from the challenge.


Tonight I was honored to be the guest speaker at the Anytime Fitness Biggest Loser Contest educational night. I shared my story and helped get the contestants motivated to begin their journey. My fitness trainer Rebecca Carington and Rick Johns from Discount Sport Nutrition also spoke to the group of contestants. It was a great night and I was glad I was invited to speak. šŸ™‚

Mrs. Idaho Pageant Weekend

I love this picture. This was taken in front of Jonny Carion’s restaurant when we were going to eat and have our secret sister gift exchange. We had so much fun!! šŸ™‚
Mrs. Eagle Deborah Viehweg,Sonya Hoadley, Mandi our director. ME and
Jackie Walker Mrs. Idaho America 2008
Joelle Rankins-Goodwin Mrs. Oregon America, Me and the director of the Oregon America pageant Libby Crawford.
The weekend started on Thursday with a rehearsal to learn the opening number and then dinner with all of the contestants where we had secret sister gift exchange. Today we practiced our opening number and went over walking patterns. Tonight we had our interviews with the judges. It has been a blast so far. Tomorrow we start our day off with rehearsal then our dress rehearsal followed by the pageant. It will be one fun day. I can’t wait.
Well, I better get some sleep. Have a great weekend.
I am dedicating my pageant night to all 8 of my mothers. I have learned something from each one of them and feel so blessed to have been able to have so many Mothers love me. šŸ™‚
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