Mrs. Idaho International Pageant

My wonderful Pageant Sisiter’s in our opening number dress.
Back stage pageant night. 

Taken after interviews.
After losing 100 pounds and competing in this pageant sure had me reflect on this past year. What an amazing year it’s been. I have learned so much about myself. My love for helping others has grown and grown and I sure love all I have been able to do with my platform.
Here Pictures from Pageant weekend.Wow! What a wonderful weekend it was. Sorry it took me so long to post but after the pageant I spent some time sleeping and time with my family. I started getting back to normal life sometime late Monday.
I had so much fun in the the Mrs.Idaho International pageant. It’s been 20 yrs since I did a pageant and to be on-stage was amazing.
I am happy to report I got in the Top 5 of 19 wonderful woman. I also won the Spirit of pageantry award AKA: Mrs. Congeniality and the Community Service Award. Both meant so much to my heart. I loved my pageant sisters and the wonderful Miss and Teens I got to know.I also love my community and have just had the best experience being able to spread my message.
. A big thank you to all of my sponsors and to everyone that showed up to the pageant. Thank you to everyone who gave me so much support.
I also want to thank my wonderful personal trainer Rebecca Carington . She has stood by my side these past 9 weeks and really not only trained me but lifted my spirits so high each and every time we saw each other.
To my family who I love so dearly. Thank you for being there for me through this whole journey. I love and appreciate you so much. šŸ™‚ Jill

Upcoming Events


6/1 Latter-Day Woman Fit Tip #1
6/07 Interview with Diabetic 365
6/17 Kraft Diabetes Cookbook comes out

~Past Events~

May~ 2011
5/2 Interview with Everyday Health
5/6 Filming commercial for Nampa Fit Studio
5/14 Featured on Kick into Fitness
5/20 Interview with Latter Day Woman
5/23 Mayor’s Bike Ride, Nampa City Hall
5/25 Featured on Happy Fit, Healthy

April ~2011
4/5 Interview with diabetic cooking magazine
4/12 Speaking to a woman’s group in Boise ~ Are you living your passion
4/20Ā  Featured in Nampa Life Magazine in the fitness section.
4/ 27 Speaking to youth group in Meridian ~ “Empower Me to Be”

March~ 2011
3/9Ā  Speaking to youth group in Boise
3/16Ā  Speaking to young woman’s group in Boise~ Let your light so shine
3/19Ā  Health Fest 2011
3/22Ā  Speaking to a women’s group in Mountain Home~ Are you living your passion
3/30 Interview for diabetes magazine.

February~ 2011
2/1 Diabetes power show podcast.
2/8 Speaking to a woman’s group in Kuna ~ Let your light so shine.
2/10 Interview to be featured in a Kraft Diabetes Cookbook.
2/24 Photo shoot for Kraft Diabetes Cookbook.

January ~ 2011
1/1 Featured on Fabulous after 40 as one of the most talked about post in 2010
1/6 Featured on Girl Get Strong.
1/11 Speaking to a youth group in Boise.
1/18 Featured in Devin Alexander Newsletter.
1/20 Podcast with Latter day woman. The Grapevine.

Dec ~ 2010
12/01 Featured in the national magazine Diabetes Forecast.
12/05 Featured writer in the winter edition of Latter- Day Woman.
12/06 Featured on a merry
12/8 Speaking to a youth group in Kuna
12/29 Featured on Girl Get Strong

Nov ~ 2010
11/3 Featured on Strong Shape web site
11/12 Speaking to a women’s group in Meridian~ Are you living your passion
11/22 Featured in Consumer Reports Health

Oct ~ 2010
10/04 Speaking to women’s group in Boise~ Are you living your passion
10/12 Photo shoot for Nampa Life Magazine
10/27 Speaking to youth group in Caldwell

Sept ~ 2010
9/8 Speaking at a youth group in Nampa
9/20 Featured on Skinny Scoopers as “Scooper Star”
9/21 NNU Wellness Fair
9/22 Speaking to a youth group in Boise
9/25 St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration- 5K
9/25 Judge for the Idaho Little Miss and Pre Teen pageant.

9/28 Speaking to a youth group in Nampa

9/29 Featured on The American Heart Association web site
9/30 Humphreys Diabetes Center planning meeting for upcoming weight loss challenge.

Aug ~ 2010
8/6 NEWKO Sports Nutrition Grand Opening
8/2 Interview with Rick Moorten Wild 101 fm
8/4 Featured on LDW magazine as woman of the week
8/5 In service luncheon in meridian, sharing my story and speaking about type 2 diabetes.
8/11 Radio Interview with 99.1 fm Boise
8/20 Interview for a Diabetes magazine
8/21 Nampa Fit Studio Zumbathon
8/30 Interview with Diabetes Forecast magazine.

7/1 Anytime Fitness Biggest Loser Finale
7/1 Grand opening of Nampa Fit Studio
7/8 Youth healthy living day
7/10 Filming for the type II diabetes documentary I will be in.
7/13 Speaking to a Women group in Boise- The beauty within. Finding your passion
7/25 Interview with Diets in Review
7/27 Podcast Interview with Fabulous After 40
7/28 Interview with Kissen 92 fm
7/20 First For Women Magazine hit’s the stands.

June ~ 2010
6/3 Live Interview with “Latter-Day Woman” The Grapevine Magazine
6/14 Speaking at a youth group in Boise
6/15 Speaking at a youth group in Boise

May ~2010
5/1 JDRF walk to cure diabetes
5/5 Speaking to a youth group in Meridian
5/11 “Fiesta del Sol” Nampa Chamber Annual Celebration
5/19 Photo shoot for Women’s first magazine
5/26 Speaking to a youth group in Boise

April ~2010
4/3 Featured on Divabetic
4/8 Interview with first women’s magazine
4/14 Speaking to a youth group in Boise
4/14 Featured on the site “The power of
4/17 Nampa Health Fest 2010
4/23 In-service luncheon in Boise~ Diabetes awareness.
4/27 Interview with Deborah Oaks from the Oklahoma City Natural Health Examiner.

March ~ 2010
3/1 Featured on Diets in
3/1 Featured in article in the Idaho press tribune
3/3 Interview with Kevin Miller ~ 580 KIDO
3/3 Interview with KTVB News.
3/4 Interview with Rick Moorten ~ from Wild 101.1 fm. Idaho
3/4 Interview with Kevin and Brenda Mee ~Kizn fm
3/4 I will be on the Dr. OZ Show! šŸ™‚ Be sure to watch..
3/5 & 3/6 Speaking at “Glow Project” a powerful program that has been created to inspire, motivate and empower women by walking in your truth, spreading your wings and soaring.
3/20 Interview with Slim Fit
3/23 Speaking to a Woman’s group in Boise- Let your light so shine.
3/30 Interview with
3/31 Featured on

2/10 Speaker at young woman’s group in Boise
2/16 The taping of the Dr. OZ show!
2/18 Speaking at the Nampa Karcher health fair
2/17 In service luncheon in Eagle, ID, Sharing my story and speaking about type 2 diabetes
2/24 Featured on the Fabulous After 40~ Losing weight and following your dreams to OZ!

1/1 Featured on the site Fabulous After 40~ Our most talked about posts of 2009
1/20 Speaker at young woman youth group in Nampa
1/27 Speaking to youth group after school program in Boise

December~ 2009
12/3 In service luncheon in Nampa, Sharing my story and speaking about type 2 diabetes.
12/10 Featured on That’s “Best weight loss success of 2009” šŸ™‚
12/24/2009 Featured on the site
12/25 Featured on “Weight loss success 2009” šŸ™‚

11/4 Interview with Rick Moorten from Wild 101.1 fm. Idaho
11/6 Interview with “Workout Mommy”
11/12 In service luncheon in Boise, Sharing my story!

10/01 Interview with sharing my story.

9/14 Anytime Fitness biggest loser girls night out. We will be heading to Studio D salon in Nampa for some pampering and beauty tips.
9/11 Interview for Fit Mom’s
9/21- That’s Interview
9/28- featured on Mike and Mandy in the morning River fm web site Memphis, TN .

8/12 Featured health writer for diets in review
8/26 Featured Interview on the launch for the site “How they lost weight”.
8/26 Interview for the launch of new web site
8/27 Live Interview on Mom Active Radio

7/21 Featured health writer for diets in review

6/13 Anytime Fitness Biggest Loser Awards Night
6/24 Interview Featured across the world with “The Adventures Of a Beauty Queen Blog
6/27 Featured on Diets In Review Web Site-Spreading my message.

5/4- Career Day At Ridgecrest High School. Motivational Guest Speaker and Mock Interviewer
5/8 Featured Article On Fabulous After 40- On my weight loss journey
5/13 Live Interview With The Glam Gals over at Fabulous After 40
5/14-Touch 1 Life Fashion Show Extravaganza
Come See Me In This Wonderful Fashion Show For Hopes Door. Nampa Civic Center
5/20-Speaker at Young Woman’s Youth Group In Nampa
5/31 Interview and featured on the web site “The Fashionable House Wife.

April ~ 2009
4/11 Guest Speaker at Nampa Anytime Fitness for the “Biggest Loser” competition.

March ~ 2009
3/19 Featured in a article in the Idaho Press Tribune about my passion to bring awareness for type 2 diabetes.
3/16 Speaking to the students at Ronald Reagan Elementary.
3/8 Boise Kids Fair

February ~ 2009
2/23 Nampa Joes Sports Fitness Day
2/25 Speaking to a youth group in Meridian “Empower Me To Be”

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