Speaking to the youth!

I have been richly blessed to speak to a group of youth recently about making a lifestyle change through eating healthier, doing more exercise and making wiser choices with snacks. I am so grateful to

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation for training me and giving me all the tools I need to be able to go out and speak at schools and youth groups.

I was able to share my own story and then speak on all the ways we can be healthier. They were so receptive to my message “Get up and Get Moving.”

It was a great evening and I really enjoyed my time with this great group of youth. I look forward to my upcoming events to share my message.

Youth visit “Empower me.it is “by kids for kids” movement that’s inspiring all kids to make healthy behavior changes and to become advocates and leaders for healthy eating and physical activity. It is a wonderful web site to get you on your way to leading a healthier life.

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