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Diet Vs Lifestyle!!

I have had many conversations lately with people about the word diet and lifestyle change. First I want to give you the definition’s I found on both.

Diet = A regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight to eat and drink according to a regulated system, especially so as to lose weight or control a medical condition.

Lifestyle Change= Modifying or eliminating long-held habits of eating or physical activity and maintaining the new habits over months and years.

My changes were very gradual. I did not go on a diet. In my mind a diet has finality and once you are done you go back to your regular eating habits and you gain the weight back.

On the other hand a life style change is where you take the time to look at your lifestyle and evaluate what you want to change about your life. Then you get the information to help you make those changes. Once you have the information you apply it to your life and you then make a life style change.

For me it took the word’s you have diabetes.My hope is that you make a change before you are diagnosed with something that forces you to make change.

Making a lifestyle change also needs to be slow so you allow your body and mind to get use to a new way of thinking and eating. You learn to change the relationship you have with food to a healthier one. The key to managing a lifestyle change is to eat in moderation. Make healthy choices whenever possible and limit yourself to a few bites of foods you just can’t resist. If you incorporate 6 small meals a day plan you won’t feel deprived. You will also keep your metabolism moving. Check with your Dr. before starting any new plan.

Making a lifestyle change also means including daily exercise. This should be intentional as well as generally being more active throughout the day.It does not mean you have to spend hours at the gym each day to achieve permanent weight loss. Some strength training a few days a week along with a 30 min walk is all you really need to do.you reach your goals!!

Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday!!

For every hour you sit you need to get up and walk ride a bike or go up and down stairs for 15 min.Sitting Disease by the Numbers



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