Dr. Oz Challenge: Sugar Detox Challenge

There’s no sugarcoating the facts. Excess sugar consumption puts your body in danger of many potentially fatal conditions.

Know Your Risk

Learn the top 4 reasons why sugar should get the boot from your diet.

1. High Blood Pressure– Normal nitric oxide levels keep blood vessels healthy and open. Too much sugar in your diet decreases nitric oxide levels, causing blood vessels to become narrow, which causes high blood pressure and an increased risk for cardiac disease.

2. High Cholesterol– People who consume too much sugar are more likely to have lower levels of HDL, or good cholesterol, higher levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, and higher levels of triglycerides, or blood fats. This clogs up arteries and blood vessels, leading to heart disease.

3. Liver Disease– A diet high in sugar is believed to exacerbate fatty liver disease.Too much sugar spikes insulin and drives fat into the liver cells,which causes inflammation and scarring, eventually causing the liver to become cirrhotic.

4. Insulin Resistance -When sugar enters the body, insulin opens the door to allow sugar into the cells. However, when there are continuous sugar spikes, insulin becomes less effective. Sugar can’t get into the cells and become“stuck” in the body, producing toxic effects that lead to obesity and the threat of diabetes.  Removing sugar from the diet has been the best thing I have ever done. I have more energy and less cravings.

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Originally published at Dr.OZ.com

The Blessings of 2010

From the Dr. OZ stage to a cover of a magazine, I have to say God has sure blessed me with many ways to share my story. I feel very blessed that 2010 has been such a productive year in being a diabetes advocate. Thank you to all my readers for your support this last year. Your comments and e-mails uplift my soul and keep me wanting to continue to carry my message as far as I can. Happy Holidays!

Dr. OZ Show Airs Thursday March 4th ~ Anytime Fitness Party

The Dr. OZ show I will be on Airs this coming Thursday March 4th. Here in Idaho it will be shown at 8pm on 24/7. If you want to come watch it with me Anytime fitness center is having a open house starting at 7:45pm.
To find out time and channel it will air where you are click here. Doctor oz.com

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