The Biggest Loser Week 20 ~ Season 11

Thursday’s Thought!!

"The Biggest Loser" Week 19 ~ Austin Goes Home!!

"The Biggest Loser" Week 18 ~ No One Goes Home!!

What a week.  On a personal note I was struck with the worst flu I have ever had.  Now it ends up I have strep throat.  I have been in bed for 4 days.  Last night I made it down stairs for the biggest loser to make it right back up for another healing night of sleep.  Today is the first day I actually have a bit of energy.  I wanted to post about the biggest loser because it was such a great show.
It was Make over week and Tim Gunn played Fairy Godfather.   Carriage and all he granted each contestant 3 gifts.  So they had their hair done as 1 gift and got to pick out gown and men tux as 2nd gift and the third gift was the charm.  Irene and Hannah fell below the yellow line.  But before we could say goodbye to one of them here comes in Tim and the yellow line went “poof. NO one goes home.  

The room was full of joy and the night ended as Olivia sang. She kept a promise she had made that once she passed the 100 pound mark she would sing on the scale.  She has an amazing voice and looked beautiful!   The show is above. I would watch it if you missed it only because it was one of my favorite to date.

Biggest Loser Week 16 ~ Ken Goes Home

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