3 ways to have a happy and healthy fall!

Boost your vitamin D intake.

Did you know our body absorbs vitamin D through skins sun exposure. Winter is coming and during the fall you can start supplementing on cloudy or cold days that your not getting sun. This will help your body prepare for the winter. Vitamin D plays a very important role on calcium absorption and in our immune system function. Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 should be taken together. These vitamins work to boost absorption and effectiveness. The one I use from Amazon is the best priced and works well. I hope they never take this one off the market! Click here to view Vitamin D, K2

Stay hydrated!

Dropping temperatures and dry air can lead to dehydration. Make sure your drinking enough water. Our body depends on water to function properly. Water supports our hair, skin and nails along with regulating our blood pressure and heart rate. Adding some type of flavoring always helps me to be able to drink more! I have to be careful to what I add due to my diabetes. Recently I found an incredible flavoring that has all natural ingredients. No artificial sweetener or preservatives. It’s called TRUE. Click on the following flavors. These are my favorite! grapefruit , Orange , Lemonade or go for trying All flavors .

Stay Active~

As it gets colder it’s easy to decide let’s just stay in and watch TV or a movie. Especially once the time changes and days get shorter. Don’t get lazy! Find ways to stay active! Bundle up and get your family outside to rake leaves. Look for a neighbor that could use some yard work and gather the family to go do some service by raking up leaves. Take a walk before the sun goes down. After being active relax and enjoy the season of fall with down time and relaxation.

Happy Fall!

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