Aloe Vita

Healthy Find-
My daughter originally introduced my family to Aloe Vita ~ Organic Aloe in Pure Water.  .  I LOVE IT!!!

They even have a Aloe Vita Zero in Green Grape and in Mango! I love when a company sells a diabetic sugar free version of the same drink it sells.  Many don’t in the Aloe family but Aloe Vita does.  Best price for these drinks are at Winco!!  a 12 pack is 10.98 other places sell them for much higher.  On line I found them at Amazon 19.95 for a 12 pack. That is a lot more compared to Winco but I did compare the ones sold on Amazon and they are about the same as other Aloe drinks out there.  Other online stores are charging 24.00 for a 12 pack.  Look at other stores when your out and about I am sure they sell them all over by now.  We just love them!

Benefits Of Aloe 
* Promotes Heart Health
*Supports The Immune System
* Reduces Inflammation
* Helps Control Blood Sugar
* Helps Fight Cancer
* Detoxifies The Body
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