Thank you XShadySide TRX training for giving one of my readers a gift card for 25.00 to amazon.  Read at the bottom of the post how you can join in.  I will be picking a winner April 1st. !!!

Congrats Madison!!  You name was picked as winner this morning!!  You will be contacted super soon with your gift card.  

I love group fitness.

Here are my Top 3 for reason’s that group fitness works!

1.  YOU will be challenged and you will want to push yourself to the next level.

In BodyPump the stronger you get the more weight you want to lift. This class along with others does not take long to see results there for you will want to stick with it because you are seeing results.  Results make us thrive

2. Group fitness is FUN!

You are more likely got stick to something that is fun!!

3. Group fitness helps you stay accountable.

Think about how it feels when your trying to motivate yourself to get to the gym.  Sometimes since your not meeting other people there it’s easier to say oh forget it I will go tomorrow.  With group fitness you are going to see people that care if your there.  Every time I have gone days without going I get a text or 2 saying where were you we missed you.  It really does help with the accountability factor.  I have even had instructors ask me why I haven’t been to class.

******In order to get signed into the drawing for the 25.00 gift card you must leave a comment about why you like group fitness.  If you don’t workout at a group fitness facility write something that would make you want to change from gym to group fitness.  

Thanks again  TRX training of Pittsburgh  for giving my readers a chance to win the gift card to amazon.  Please make sure you leave your e-mail so when I pick a winner I can notify you.

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  1. Saw this on pinterest. I LOVE pilates the best but take all kinds of classes

  2. Makenzie Stevens says:

    I would have to say TRX training has gotten me in my best shape ever at a group fitness in CA. I love all group fitness but when I started seeing shape from the TRX I was hooked. So excited about this giveaway.

  3. Kayla Sein says:

    I am a gym buff. The only reason why I can’t go over to group fitness is because of my work hours. It would just very work for me or I would do it. Has always sounded so fun to me.

  4. I really enjoy group classes. I think its more motivating

  5. Margaret Cano says:

    We have a xshady less then 5 miles away. I will go check it out. It’s always caught my eye but I have never stopped in. I have a gym membership that I have not used in yrs. My sweet husband keeps paying the fee and I am not being true to that membership wasting our money and it would be neat to start classes and see how far that takes me.

    I have read so much on TRX I think I am going to give that a try first. Your person journey is very inspiring. I think the accountability that you have talked about would good be really for me as working out is and always has been at the bottom of the list.

  6. Antonio Lozano, says:

    I am always up for a giveaway esp to amazon.
    I am a group fitness instructor. I teach Body Combat and I also teach Zumba. I know your thinking a guy teaching Zumba?? We do exist.

    I actually love being the only male instructor. I teach at 2 different studios.

  7. Shelia Briggs says:

    So I am not a big group workout as in live but I do all the jillian videos. I just can’t afford studio prices and all though I would love to take classes raising 5 kids is just to much to put a lot of money out.

  8. Lexi Burbank says:

    I need to give group fitness a try. I have 2 friends that go to XShady Side and love it. I would have to say Kellie is addicted to their classes. But she is in such good shape I can’t see how that is a bad thing. We are all good friends so I am sure eventually I will join.

  9. Toni Golovin says:

    Our studio’s where I live are over priced but I finally found a studio in a big old wear house prices are dirt cheap and they offer all the best of the classes that other studios offer. I love being back to group fitness

  10. Hip hop… I take group fitness hip hop classes 3 nights a week and bodypump 2 nights a week. I love it

  11. Marcela Varga says:

    Please add me to your giveaway. I love TRX I find it’s toned my body in away I love long lean muscles. Then I have to get in my Zumba . That is my stress reliever

  12. Alexia Harper says:

    i love giveaways. Amazon is the best by far. I do crossfit and love it. It has helped me get stronger and leaner.

  13. Mya Kazak says:

    TRX all the way

  14. Izzabelle Merkley says:

    If I don’t get in for crossfit and yoga I get depressed. I love group fitness

  15. Wicked I love giveaways. I have been teaching BodyPump for over 6 yrs now and love it. I fell upon group fitness at a church basement moons ago and thought I need to teach this stuff some day. It’s come so far and it does so well because of the connections that are made and the accountability that it bring. Try it if you haven’t ever done it. YOU will love it and you will become a fan like I am. You have to do it to understand what we are all talking about.

  16. Rosealee Rumsey says:

    I saw this on twitter. I could always use a amazon gift. I go to a Pilates studio. They have machines we workout on. I love it and I love how it’s shaped my body.

  17. I love Zumba

  18. Aaron Lattimer says:

    I am a TRX trainer and love it.

  19. Maggie Reddish says:

    I really enjoy exercising as a group. Congrats to Tina on your weight loss. I too have lost weight as an affect of group exercise. I hated going to the gym but at the fitness center where I take classes I loved it because there was no judging. Such fun and I lost a total of 32 pounds in just under 6 months and have kept it off ever since.

  20. My old gym!

  21. I never end up pushing myself as hard when I work out alone as I do when I take a group class. The energy from other people and the instructor is always a motivating factor to work harder.

  22. As a former college athlete, group fitness helped me adjust to not having mandatory practices and lifts. Love working out in a team atmosphere! Email-

  23. I take yoga for stress reduction. I have become somewhat addicted.

  24. Tina Bess says:

    When I first started taking group classes I hated it because I felt fat and unstable. 6 months later I feel strong and 45 pounds YES 45 pounds lighter. I love group fitness. It’s made me accountable.I have made some great friends and I love how you can have fun while losing weight.

  25. Emma Ball says:

    Zumba + Kickboxing make me a happy camper

  26. Ana Forrester says:

    I do classes at our local YMCA . I am old as my kids say but I really feel young doing zumba

  27. Lacey Hemrick says:

    Yoga over barbells any day!!

  28. Natalie Lafarga says:

    I just started working out at a group fitness studio doing Pilates and love it. I yet to try all the classes but reaLLY HAVE enjoyed the Pilates.

  29. I love group classes. They are most motivating to me. A set time to be at the gym!

  30. I love TRX and zumba

  31. Kelli ann says:


  32. Healther M says:

    I love crossfit

  33. BodyPump only but I take about 6 classes a week

  34. Living in LA there is a studio on every corner. I finally found one that I adore and take at least 6 classes a week.

  35. Hip hop and Zumba. group fitness is great

  36. Pilates is my FAV

  37. Alexis Hoyt says:

    Yoga relaxes me and give me peace of mind with 5 kids at home. I love group fitness

  38. Madison says:

    Can’t believe I won! Big thanks to Xshadyside and Get up and Get Moving for hosting the giveaway!!!

    • Congrats Madison!! Sounds like as a former college athlete, group fitness helped you adjust to not having mandatory practices and lifts. I too love working as a team!! Enjoy and Congrats again!!