The Bittersweet Truth about Sugar!!

Jennifer is a friend and I feel blessed she wrote this wonderful article for my readers. Thank you Jennifer.  :-)

Sugar is hiding in almost all processed foods, including savory choices like soups or salad dressings, and most people don’t really give much thought to the consequences. Perhaps if the facts about excessive sugar consumption were more well known, the public would give sources of excess sugar in their diets a little more consideration.

Fact #1: Sugar Makes You Age

According to many expert scientists, excessive sugar consumption actually accelerates the aging process. If that’s not reason enough to cut down on sugar consumption, what is? The accelerated aging is caused by multiple factors including heightened insulin levels, chronic inflammation, glycation and others.

Fact #2: Sugar Lowers Immune Function

The immune system is suppressed immediately after high sugar consumption, which gives nasties such as colds and flu the opportunity to gain a foothold while the body isn’t at its peak. It is no small irony that the most sugar laden months of the year are at the beginning of cold and flu season.

Fact #3: High Sugar Consumption Raises Insulin Levels

Whenever an individual consumes sugar, the body secretes insulin to help metabolize the substance. This is fine and natural, but when individuals constantly introduce sugar into their systems, more and more insulin must be produced. The body soon develops insulin resistance and diabetes is the result.

Fact #4: Sugar Lowers Levels of Human Growth Hormone in the Body

Human growth hormone is responsible for staving off the aging process and keeping the body young, muscular and lean. Sugar directly suppresses the levels of human growth hormone secreted in the body.

Fact #5: Sugar Causes Glycation

Glycation is when a sugar molecule binds with a protein or fat molecule, creating a new molecule that is like a free radical on steroids. These nasty things are called Advanced Glycation End products, or AGE for short. AGEs live up to their name, rapidly aging the body. The damage caused by AGEs is irreparable.

Fact #6: Sugar Causes Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing, and is actually a very important part of the body’s healing process. Chronic inflammation is another matter entirely, and is the root of many diseases associated with excessive sugar consumption including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. The key to lasting health and youth is the reduction of excessive inflammation in the body.

Is Sugar Always Bad?

With all of these facts in mind, many will feel that sugar should be avoided altogether. This isn’t necessary; sugar should simply be consumed in balance. The WHO advises keeping sugar consumption under 50 grams per day, not including naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables. That means that normal sugar consumption on a daily basis is more than fine for those concerned about maintaining long term health.

This guest article was contributed by Jennifer Bell from Health Training Guide. Jennifer is a freelance  writer and mother of 2 based in Los Angeles, CA. Check out her site. to learn more about clinical laboratory technologist and technician training and other exciting health careers.


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