Jill Knapp’s Fit Tip Tuesday~ Get Your Feelings Out of the Fridge

I know I am not the only one who eats for comfort.  I am still recovering from a very hard year and find my old habits start back.  I won’t do it.  I refuse to gain back all that weight I lost I just won’t do it.  I pray everyday for strength not to turn to food and it does help.  I go to god often during the day.  It’s helping.  I share this only because I know how bad it feels when you feel out of control and food comforts you.  Really it’s only for a short time and the after affects of guilt are bad.  It’s a bad cycle and I know the pain of the cycle.

Dealing with painful emotions and having to feel them instead of eating them is not an easy thing but in the long run I know it’s the right way to do it.  Don’t give up on yourself if you have messed up.  Make the change now.  Don’t give up on yourself.  Your health is important and no amount of food can take away emotional pain a person has to deal with.  I don’t know your pain or what is going on but I do know pain and I do know that where ever you are at and what ever you are going through it’s better to deal with it head on and not use food.  I enjoy the friendships I have made from keeping this blog for so many years.  I love the letters I get from my readers who are also dealing with many different trials and have turned to food for comfort but are now learning what I have had to learn is to just not go there and to stop feeding any pain or trial we must face.

I have a wonderful therapist who has helped me really get through some very big trials.  Going to counseling has had a stigma attached to it for so long but don’t let it get in your way of getting the help you need for your trials and pain.  I trust my therapist and really feel blessed that I have her.   Just know your not alone.  Behind every face there is a story and a journey.

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