Monday Motivation, I work out Because?

So it’s Monday and you just don’t feel like working out!! YOUR thoughts control your mind so keep putting good thoughts in your mind.  I was sitting here thinking about what I could write about to give you some motivation.  This came to me I work out BECAUSE ____________?  Fill in the blank.  I will list my reason’s and some may be yours too  but I think this makes for a good exercise.  Take a few minutes today and dig deep to find the reason’s you workout.  Write them down.  Keep your list somewhere you can see it and on those day’s you just don’t feel like working out review your list. Happy Monday!!


  1. Keeps my diabetes at bay.
  2. Because it helps me stay young.
  3. Because it helps combat depression and first hand I know this to be true.  I use exercise as my natural antidepressant.
  4. Because it helps me stay strong.  Life is much easier with muscle.
  5. Because it boosts my immune system and helps me stay healthy.
  6. Because it boosts my metabolism
  7. Because it helps my lungs stay strong and helps my Asthma
  8. Because I want to be a good example to my kids
  9. Because it lifts my mood.  Releasing those endorphins is a big reason I love working out!
  10. Because my body was made to move and any workout makes my day better. 🙂
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