Jill Knapp’s Fit Tip Tuesday! Make Exercise a Habit!

1.  Make Exercise a habit.

Not always easy but it’s really doable.   If you can take 30 min of your day for 5 days of your week to fit it some type of workout and do this for 30 days you will make exercising a habit!!  Try it during the summer months and see what happens.  Working out often will eventually become apart of you and on the days you don’t workout you will notice a difference.

2.   Do Exercise that you enjoy

The difference with someone who sticks with exercise and someone that does not is often because the person who sticks with it has found something they love.  Try them all.  The gym setting is not for everyone.  Many buy a gym membership and never use it.  Do a trial… most gyms offer a 2 week trial.  Give it a try.  Within 2 weeks you will know if you want to belong to a gym or not.  Also there are studio’s that offer group fitness classes.  Many on a weight loss journey love the group setting because there are so many different classes to take,  If you are local give Nampa Fit Studio a try.  Awesome trainers and a great network of people who can relate to you.  A big mix of from people that are in great shape and others who are just starting out.

3.  Take it outside.

Walking is another way to get your exercise in.  Easy on the joints and you can work up to walking at a fast pace to raise your heart rate.


What ever works for you!!   Find out what you enjoy and stick with it.  Making exercise a habit will better your health,  keep you young and you will have more energy.

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