Jill Fit Tip Tuesday!


These are the 3 most important fit tips I can give you!!

Diet~ When most see the word diet they think of restriction.  Today I am using this word to say eat healthy.  Veggies and lean meat along with some fruit.  Just get rid of the junk.  If you do this you will start having energy you did not know you have.  Bad foods make us sluggish and grumpy.  Good foods fuel the body with the things it needs to get us through day happy and with lot’s of energy.

Exercise~ You will have more energy if you do some type of exercise daily.  This doesn’t have to happen over night but just start moving.  Doing some type of physical exercise for 20 min a day and work up to more.  The amazing thing that happens is on the day you don’t get your dose of exercise you will feel it.  That’s what keeps me going back for more!

Sleep~  I can’t stress enough how important it is the you get a good night sleep.  Our bodies need sleep.  A fit body is a healthy body but you can’t get healthy if you are not getting proper sleep.

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