Off Sugar and Feeling Great!!

I have been off sugar for a little over 90 days besides having 2 free days. I can’t believe I rocked so well!! I feel so good!! Even though my Diabetes numbers Rock and I really could have sugar I choose not too because I feel so much better in life when I don’t eat it. .

My friend and I have 5 days left of a 21 day challenge of eating highly healthy foods. I have lost inches and my muscles are really starting to show from all the BodyPump I have been doing. Soooo rewarding. It’s a good thing only 5 more days because my Birthday is on the 15th and you can Bet I will be having a wonderfully deserved free day but when the Birthday is over I plan to go back to eating healthy everyday because I feels so great and healthy.

More energy, Happier and I love the feeling of good health!! Also it helps me to look at my before and after to really remember how unhealthy and bad I felt when I had all that extra weight on me. Life is so different than it use to be!!

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