Are you addicted to sugar? Take the quiz!

Yes!!!   I am addicted to sugar.  I am on day 10 of having NO sugar.  I started a 90 day challenge to get off sugar because I really feel better when I just don’t have sugar!!  I came up with this quiz to help you decide if you might be addicted to sugar.  This is everything I have asked myself prior to getting off sugar and I answered YES to all of them.  I would say if you answer 8 out of the 10 you may want to consider joining in on the challenge. 

I know back in the early part of  January when I was dealing with a load of stress I was thinking oh no I keep turning to sugar.  At the time in my mind I new this was only temporary but in reality I had been using sugar in 2012 to deal with the really bad year I was having.  Coming out of the fuzzy blur in January I really think I was ready to give up but it was not until Feb 9th that I just decided it’s time.  YOU have to be ready to do this.  I was off for 2 full years and loved it.  I want that healthy feeling back and I know for me ditching sugar is the way to get it. 

If you are ready to give up sugar leave a message and join the challenge.  Challenge Ends May 4th but this does not mean I am giving up my healthy lifestyle.

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  1. I am in and am so glad I am doing this. It’s day 10 for me too. Ya for success.

  2. I just started it yesterday after reading your posts on FB. I am really excited about the change. I am getting married in July and needed a jump start.

  3. I follow your facebook page and decided this is the only way I am going to lose the weight and get healthy. My diabetes has been out of control for sometime and I have to stop sugar. Glad your doing this challenge. Count me in.

  4. Brad James says:

    Sugar is the enemy. Count me in. My sister Barbara went to school with you at TOHS and said I should follow your blog since my diagnoses with type 2. I am going to get my wife to do this challenge with me. Your advocacy work is wonderful. congratulations on all of your success.

  5. I really need to do this. I have been on your blog for months drawing motivation. I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Dec and found a guide at my Dr’s office that you were on the cover . I have dropped about 10 pounds since Dec but believe that sugar is my best option for getting off the other 45 and then my Dr is willing to let me try tapering me off my diabetes medications. So yes I am in for this. I will start today.

  6. Tammy Morse says:

    Yes! I’m addicted to sugar and ready for a change!! Day 1 starts tomorrow!

  7. I have been soda/caffeine free for 2 weeks. Getting off sugar is the next step towards a healthier me. Like you, I noticed that I was using soda and sugary treats as a way to medicate myself into feeling better in stress filled situations.

    Wishing you continued success as you go off sugar.

  8. great quiz. I am addicted for sure. I take the challenge.

  9. Diane Webber says:

    so sick of being sick. Diabetes rules my life and I need to do something fast. I am up for this fully.

  10. Caitlin Snavely says:

    I found your magazine at my dr office and have been on your site many times. I wasn’t ready to give up sugar until yesterday when I had a real bad day with my kids and ended up just breaking down. I am going to do it. I know I live in a horrible addiction to sweets and my kids will have a better mommy if I give this up

  11. I am addicted and it’s painful to know how bad of a problem I have. I have seen you on the Dr. OZ Show and also I follow your facebook page and the nampa fit studio page. I really want to get healthy but I am scared. Your a beautiful example of positive results through hard work I just don’t know I have it in me to work that hard. Keep inspiring I will eventually get in to nampa fit and meet you and take a class of some sorts.