My campaign to “Get Up and Get Moving”

When I competed in the Mrs. Idaho pageant I needed a tag line that was eye catchy but something that was simple that everyone could do.  There it was “Get Up and Get Moving”  was born.  I love the saying and it’s apart of our household lingo.   It has brought me so much joy sharing this simple campaign to more places then I ever thought possible.  I am so blessed to have helped so many in the past few years to “Get Up and Get Moving”  Young, Old, Tall, Short it does not matter everyone can “Get Up and Get Moving”  Please help me keep the campaign spreading.  Share my web site with anyone that can use a little boost to “Get Up and Get Moving”

Coming in Dec: I will give a simple fit tip each day so we can have a healthy holiday season!!  Thanks to my readers for the support you have given.  I will always give you the credit I have the drive to keep motivating others to a healthier lifestyle.

Happy & Healthy Holidays!!

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