Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday!!


I had such a great week. I feel so blessed to have been asked to speak able to about type 2 diabetes in so many different settings. I wanted to sit down today and write a article that has been on my mind this past week and that is about getting the exercise we need. So here it goes!!

You can’t deny the evidence that is absolutely overwhelming- Physical activity is the best gift you can give yourself, it is known that through Regular exercise throughout your life can maintain a healthy body. It has big benefits in enhancing your psychological well-being and can really aid in preventing premature death.
YES!! That’s right- exercise can prolong life.
It also improves the quality of life as well. I have seen allot as my husband works in a nursing home as a physical therapist and is the re-hab director. Far too many times he will get someone on the young side of life that did not take care of their body when they were young and they will die. It breaks my heart when this happens. Many time’s if people only got more exercise through out there life they would not have developed so many health problems.

I am a perfect example of what not taking care of yourself can do. Now being on the other side my goal is to help others and teach the importance of being good to yourself starting with the way you eat and exercising regularly.

Most of us know how important it is to exercise and the sad truth is that even though we know we should most adults say they don’t have time to exercise. The sad truth is, even those who know it don’t do it. Most adults say they don’t have the time to exercise. According to government statistics, only 15% of adults get the recommended amount of exercise. A Shocking 40% gets no exercise. By age 75, 1/3rd of men and 1/2 of woman get no regular physical activity at all!
You may be one of those people who always were planning to exercise with the great saying “I’ll start tomorrow,” Tomorrow-just like today serves up many things that get in the way: Shopping for food, taking the kids to practice, paying bills, getting past the holidays, Tomorrow’s start never comes, and what happens is the day you will start never comes and you wait for the right time to get fit. Unfortunately while you wait your body doesn’t freeze in time. It fades the entire time.
Inactivity affects all systems in your body: from your beating heart to your pumping blood to the efficiency of your cells to metabolize sugar. You muscle strength to the sharpness of your brain. That fact is as you age it becomes more important to get exercise to ward off the inevitable decline that occurs in the later years that come.
The Good NEWS!!
The actual antidote to aging is physical exercise. With regular exercise you can actually reverse the effects of aging- or at least slow them down.
What a great reward s will come from regular physical activity? There are so many I will only be able to give you a handful. First and foremost, regular exercise is associated with lower rates for adults of any age, Exercise can reduce blood pressure and Cholesterol levels, and then you are at less risk of major killer disease, such as heart disease and stroke. It will also decrease the risk of developing diabetes. What other great things can getting regular exercise do??
  • It decreases body fat and increases lean muscle
  • It helps burn calories and aids in weight loss and weight control
  • Increases strength of muscles and bones
  • Reduces anxiety, depression and improves mood
  • Creates more energy
  • improves well-being through enhanced self -esteem
  • Improves sleep patterns

There are many more benefits but just know if you start today you can start enjoying the pay off and that is a longer life and better health. 🙂

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