Keeping it real!!

I want to be real with my readers and feel I need to let you know my life is not always great!! In fact this summer has been a real hard one for me. Struggles in my personal life.  We all have them!!  My health has been on the decline suffering with Asthma, something I haven’t had to deal with since my youngest was born 7 yrs ago. We have had so much smoke in the air from all the fires it’s just been awful. 🙁   I have not been able to do my Normal workouts because I just can’t breath well.  This has been going on since Late March.  On top of the Asthma I have also had laryngitis since May..  My voice is good in the morning and by late after noon it’s gone.  So I just want to share that I struggle too and all though I try to keep my blog up beat and give motivation I want to share this with you so you don’t give up when life get’s hard.   I love the blessed journey I have been on helping those with type 2 diabetes realize that life can get better also those with weight issues can have hope!!  To share my journey has been such a uplifting expierence and as doors just continue to open I know this is what brings me joy.

You my readers have lifted my spirits many times through the years with your sincere  heart felt e-mails and sweet comments.  It’s what keeps me going.  Thank you!!  I am hoping as the weather cools and the fires subside my health will be good again.  Working out is my anti depressant for when times are tough and not having it is really hard for me.

Stay Positive!! Keep Moving Forward!! 🙂

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