Monday Motivation!! Micheal Phelps!! Determination!

What a way to go out!! 22 medals and 18 were gold!!

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when looking at this picture? For me it was Determination!! Other words that followed that thought were Focus, Goal, believing in yourself, never give up and give it your all.

We have a mini gym in our garage . On the mirror in our gym sits this picture of Michael Phelps. When I am not in the mood or just plain to tired to give my work out my all I look at that picture and in goes those thoughts. I know how hard he worked to make worlds best. He wanted it and he met the goals that it took to achieve his dream.
I have dreams. I am meeting goals and I am determined to reach my goal. Motivation comes from within. For me it’s like a seed that is planted and as long as I water that seed it will flourish. Good luck to you in whatever your dream maybe. May you archive your goals by keeping your eye on the ball and reaching for the stars.

Dream big, Set goal and Make things happen!!

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