My Interview with Biggest Loser Moses!!

This post was such a hit I really wanted to post it again because I have had so many new readers since it first posted.  Enjoy a dose of Motivation from Biggest Loser Moses!!
Jill ~ America loves you Moses.  You are such an inspiration to so many including me.  What is life like now that the biggest loser is over??
Moses~ Since our finale of the biggest loser, i have been able to adjust back to normal life, with the help of all those around me.  My family and friends and my community has constantly supporting me in anything and everything I do.  People have gotten use to seeing me around town, so all the stopping and taking pictures have slowed down quite a bit, but on occasion people still do.  I do love sharing my experience to all those who are interested in what I have to share.  I share my story as I do many speaking engagements for different companies, schools, churches and organizations.  It has allowed me to make some extra money which is always a good thing.   I am doing my best to give back to the state of Idaho.  I am still working as a garage door installer and repair man, but i have also become an ACE Certified Personal and Group Trainer working at Apple Athletic Club in Idaho Falls.  I plan to do this full time and for the rest of my life.  I am so excited to make physical fitness, health and wellness such a big part of my life and I try to help people change their lives.
Jill~ You fell in love with boxing while on the show.   Are you still boxing and is it your main source of exercise??
Moses ~ Boxing has become a big part of my training.  I do a lot of what Brett, my trainer from the show, taught me while changing my life.  We do what we call MRT training.  This is a group circuit training with very high intervals that usually involves boxing as part of it.  Boxing is an amazing cardio workout as well as strength.  Boxing is what saved my life on the show, and I get to show people how to help them make a change in theirs.
Jill ~ It’s a new year and for many that means CHANGE!! For many just starting out on there  Lifestyle change and weight loss journey what advice can you give them on how to stick with a plan and not give up.
Moses~ I always tell everyone to find types of exercises that they love or liked to do.  This will allow them to have a better chance that they are going to continue to keep doing it.  I know that everyone gets that chatter in their head telling them to stop, that they don’t need to work out today, that their body needs to rest and its okay to not workout.  I tell them to find your motivation and stay true to it.  For me, my motivation is my family first, and than my friends.  when my head tells me to stop and give up, I know that is just me telling myself that is what I want.  At that moment, I stop thinking about doing it for me, I start thinking of others.  I think of my family and friends and what they would want me to do.  I find that when I do things for others over doing things for myself, I am so much more stronger and determined to get things done, and best of all, I am so much more happier doing things for others and than doing things for myself.  There is so much greater joy in life when serving others, rather than serving oneself.  If someone believes otherwise, than they have never really served others.
Jill ~ How important is exercise for people starting out?
Moses~   Exercise is always important in any stage of life.  My main focus is to tell people that it is all about physical movement.  Whether you are exercising, dancing, cleaning etc.  JUST KEEP MOVING.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing, just move your body.  Just make sure you like doing that.
Jill ~ Not that you can totally speak for your daughter but how is Kaylee?  What is she up too these days?
Moses~ Kaylee is back home with us.  She is looking to work as to save for school.  She too will eventually become certified as a personal trainer.  And yes, she is still dating Vance Jackson from the white team.  it is just a long distance relationship.  Vance lives in Ogden, Ut. while she is here in Shelley, Idaho.
Jill ~ I know from my own experience that it’s not all just about  losing the weight.  For those who are emotional eaters what tips can you give to them to deal with why they eat and how they can stop this destructive pattern?
Moses ~ Emotional eating is a really tough thing.  All the advice I can give now is to control your environment.  Fill your kitchen with everything that is healthy.  Don’t put the bad things in there.  If you got junk food in the house, I promise you, you will eventually eat it.  Not that if you didn’t have it in your house you would just get in your car and drive to the store to buy the junk food, but you would be more likely to not do that.  Why torture yourself with all these temptations where you live.  it will be a constant battle and you will be miserable, and you will eventually lose.  Will power is a great thing, but in this case, you are better off to not have to prove it to yourself.  Clean your house up.  What where you go out and eat.  Make it easier on yourself, by not making it tough for you do succeed.
Jill ~ Being from Idaho myself and loving it. How has it been to live in such a great community during your transformation and throughout your continued journey??
Moses ~ Like I said before, everyone has been so kind to myself and Kaylee.  And when i say community, I mean all of Idaho.  Whether I am in Shelley or Nampa, you all are so supportive of me.  Thank you all so very much.  I was so proud to represent the Great State of Idaho.


Moses has become a great friend and I was so happy to catch up with him and do this interview!   We all need a boost of motivation to keep us going!!

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