Health Monitor Magazine

Click on the 2nd photo to see larger so you can read the article.  I am very blessed to have been featured on the Guide to Diabetes put out by Health Monitor.   Thank you everyone who reads my blog.  I appreciate all of the support you have given to me through the years.  Please help me pay it forward by sharing this on your Facebook page or send it to anyone you know who needs a boost of “YES YOU CAN!! Because truly anyone that has the desire can change their life if they truly want to.  Photos done by Chad Case a wonderful photographer.

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  1. Jennifer B says:

    Jill, You truly have inspired me to some big big big changes. I have lost weight but it goes beyond that. I feel wonderful and healthy. The Healthy part is the best. I don’t think I have ever been as healthy as I am now. I love your site and visit often. I also get your FB updates. Thanks!

  2. This so inspiring. What amazing things you do. Your such a wonderful example of a strong woman. I saw you first on WEB MD and found your site. Bless you for all you do. Keep it up.

  3. Robin R from TN says:

    Hi Jill, you don’t know me but I have been following your journey since Dr OZ. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Your truly have a gift to share with the world. I was at my Dr office yesterday and got this magazine. What a great cover photo. Congratulations and don’t stop doing what your doing.

  4. Kaitlynn says:

    I saw this link on my friends facebook page. You should be so proud. You look so healthy and happy. Congratulations an all you have done. I was looking though your gallery and was so inspired. I will be viewing back on your tips.

  5. Jill, My name is Randy. I live in W. VA I found this book at my Dr. office and just wanted to say thanks. My daughter who is 29 was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is scared. I will be passing this along to her in hopes it will help her know she can get healthy. I have had type 2 for years and she won’t listen to me. Congratulations the many things you have done.

  6. So cool! I found your site in the magazine when I was at the dr office with my oldest child today. Congratulations your are such an inspiration. I want to lose some weight by Aug so I will be back for sure.

  7. Rachel Willis says:

    I found your blog in the the magazine and just read about the 6 meals a day. I am going to give that a try to see if it will help stabilize my blood sugars. How neat to be on a cover of a health magazine. Your site is awesome!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Yes give the 6 small meals a day a try. It worked for me. I also went deep and wrote in my journal a lot. It helped me find out what the emotional component was to why I was overeating for comfort. It works. 🙂 Best wishes.

  8. Jill, you look beautiful. congrats my friend. I got my magazine yesterday when I paid my Dr a visit. Just to think I live so far away but still get to see you. LOL

  9. Hi Jill. My name is Kellie and my Dr. sent me home today with the diabetes guide. Your story is so inspiring. I have 4 kids and just seem not to be able to keep my diabetes in control because I don’t spend the time it takes to eat often. Ive been on your site for about an hour and have taken away a ton of information. I am going to do the 6 small meals a day and see if that can help me get the 45 pounds off that my Dr says is important to lose. You really do set a good example tor us diabetics and everyone really. Thanks and keep spreading the word.

  10. Melinda says:

    My daughter has type 2 and is only 14. We were at the Dr the other day and picked up your magazine. I had her read the article and then finally got around to reading it myself. It’s so nice to read about someone who is doing so well and worked so hard to get healthy. You have given Belle hope and we will keep up with your fit tips.

  11. Your story is so inspiring. Mr Diabetes Dr gave me this magazine and I read the article. to say the least I am impressed. I have been overeating due to emotional pain for years. thanks for sharing your story. I am left with a desire to press forward and beat my diabetes.

  12. Ronda Joyner says:

    I was at our local diabetes clinic and picked up one of you magazines. Your story is very inspiring. I am cleaning out my pantry today. I am also going to make a vision board. I hope to have some good results. Emotional eating is my biggest problem. sometimes I take 10 off and put 11 on. Its very frustrating but I will keep up the fight.

  13. I am on your facebook page all the time. YOUR message is so inspiring. I found your magazine at a local Dr office in Boise and told them I know who you are. I live in Boise. Congrats. Such an inspiration to so many. Keep up the good work!

  14. Kathleen says:

    What a great adventure. I have been eyeballing your journey for years but never make a peep. I just have to say congrats and want you to let you know how inspired I have been. I am a dedicated reader of your site and I love your facebook page.