Interview With Idaho KTVB News!

I had a blast at the News Studio!!  KTVB team Doug Petcast and Larry Gebert and the whole staff were wonderful!! 🙂

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  1. Nurse Kate says:

    You were absolutely stunning on the news and what a great picture of you in the News Room. I have been blessed to know you as a patient and a friend. You have been such a wonderful example to us all and after you cane and spoke to us at the lunch meeting we have made some big changes in our office. No more soda! You won’t believe everyone is off soda. Water all day. Also there are countless of us that bring a sack lunch and lot’s of vegetables. We are getting ready to start our weight loss challenge and are hoping you can come back in 2012 and motivate up with a pep talk. I will touch base after the new year. Just wanted to know it was great seeing you on the news,

  2. I saw you on the news. You are beautiful and my gosh such an inspiration. I am goal setting and am going to do the vision board you talked about. I think it’s a great idea. It’s wonderful you live in our area and are doing so much nationally. Loved your yahoo video too.

  3. I met you at the Idaho health fest last year and saw you on the news this week. I am ready to make big change in 2012. you are an inspiration.

  4. Diane Keller says:

    Great interview. So impressed with all you have done. I live in Chicago and wished I lived closer so I could get to know you. I am fan of diets in review and found you on there site a few years back. Congratulation Jill. Keep inspiring.

  5. Melinda J says:

    Saw you on the news. I was so impressed I had it on dvr and watched it many times. I live in Boise and am excited for 2012 and some changes with my health. I also have type 2 and need to get it under control. Your site is a source of inspiration. I am so inspired. Thanks for sharing your journey.