Featured K-love Radio

So blessed to get a Let Your Light Shine Award form Amanda over at K-love radio.  I listen to this station on line and love it.  Amanda’s show is awesome! Check it out sometime.  Thank you Amanda for sharing my story with your listeners.  I sure feel blessed! 🙂

Click here to view:

Here is a link that get’s you K-love on line since we don’t get this station locally.  Click Below:

K-Love Radio On-line. Check it out! Its a wonderful station

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  1. Jill, I listen to K-love and Amanda all the time. That is awesome that she gave you that award. You deserve it girl. Congratulations on the Yahoo gig! You look incredible and I miss you and your family. Madison’s hair is so pretty!!

  2. I loved your yahoo film. I have been following your story for 2 yrs I think since you were on the Dr. OZ show. I have dropped and kept off 60 pounds. I could not find a area for a comment under the yahoo but get your updates so had to just tell you congratulations. You are such a pretty lady and someone I can relate too.

  3. Jill your story is so inspiring. I love the yahoo clip. I also love K-love great station. Question, I need to write a paper on Type 2 diabetes and was wondering if you could help me out. I think your story is perfect for what I need. Congrats on all your success.

  4. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for listening and posting about K-LOVE. I am the social media producer for K-LOVE and I work with Amanda. I saw your post and wanted to say hello and thank you. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story and look forward to future communications.

  5. Michelle Miller says:

    That is soo cool!!!! I am a big fan of YOU and K-LOVE. Had to comment. Your story has pushed me into commuting to a gym I joined for a year. I live in Boise and would love to meet you sometime. I will join your facebook page. Maybe we can meet for lunch or I can come out your way and take a class at the studio you go to. Keep up the good work. You are going far places. Cheers!!

  6. Dearest Jill,
    A heartfelt congratulations on your Yahoo debut. To see you go so far since I worked with you at the surf store in Agoura Hills many years ago inspires hope for all of us pursuing our goals. Congratulations an all of your success. All the best,

  7. Sharon Durand says:

    I am so blown away by your video on yahoo! Just watched it like 10 times. Your story is so inspiring. Keep up the awesome work! I will follow you now. Happy Holidays!

  8. K-love is such a wonderful radio station! the only one I listen too. Just saw your Yahoo video. My goodness if I could look that good when I am done I will be so proud. I am very inspired. Now leaving for the gym even on a snowy day.