A word from Kim at the Gym!!

Dear Studio Students (and would be students)

Did you know that when you buy 8 credits to The Studio, you get 2 for FREE? You may ask yourself, “Self, how can 10 measly credits change my entire summer?”
In just 10 hours The Studio instructors can get you swimsuit ready and on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle!
The average calorie burn at a Studio class is around  500cals/hour, mix and match any 10 classes and you could burn more than 5,000 calories!!!
Try that on a treadmill (without dying of boredom)
Whatever format you try- The Studio instructors will be here with a smile. So grab your 10 credits and get in here. We’ll see you in class!
Student Jill Knapp lost 100lbs and reminds us that there will ALWAYS be road blocks on every fitness journey.
The Studio is honored to have Jill Knapp as one of our most devoted students. Her journey hasn’t been easy –  in fact, sometimes it’s been down right awful! While trying to reach her weight loss goals she suffered a shattered ankle, the loss of a dear family member, and the everyday challenges of balancing family life with personal time.
Jill Knapp.mp4
Jill Knapp’s 100lb Weight Loss


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