Monday Motivation!!

YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Jack LaLanne Died at age 96 but will live on in all who love to live a healthy life! Talk about inspiring! Watch the video clip below!

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  1. Katie Kerns says:

    He was an inspiration to my parents while I was growing up. Now me at age 58 he is who made exercising popular in our home. I found your site on Everyday health. You are very inspiring. Keep doing what your doing!

  2. I remember hearing he died. Having him such a house hold name made me sad. I had no idea the jumping jack was named after him until I read it in the paper. He was a great example

  3. Patti Menssen - I follow fabulous after 40 says:

    You may be able to tell my age by me writing how much I loved this man. He was the only thing I watched growing up. I loved the clip.
    Keep up all you are doing!

  4. you look FABULOUS!!Thanks for inspiration!