Jill Went from Pudgy to Pageants!!

I am just so blessed!! I am thankful that more ways to share my story keep arising. I did an interview with That’s fit! They have a great site and I was honored once again to help others in there journey to lose weight!!

Click here to read the interview!! Thats Fit!

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  1. I love your story! You are a wonderful example. I have type 2 diabetes and have seen that it is only thourh diet and exercise you can get and keep the weight loss.
    You look beutiful in both pictures. I can tell from your site that you are a very sweet lady.

  2. I am so impressed by your story. Really done well. If I lived closer I would have you speak at an event on type 2 diabetes which is in November.
    Keep up the good work. Spreading the message of you having type 2 diabetes is a big plus for those people that don't know where to began.

  3. Lisa eats too much pizza says:


  4. This is great Jill!! You are really getting your message moving!

  5. Awesome accomplishments! You have been one busy woman! Proud of you Jill.

  6. I last read the post on how they lost weight! Now this! You are such a example to me and I am on my way to finally getting the weight off.
    Good work!

  7. I LOOOOOOVE your blog! It’s so inspirational!

  8. You are complete inspiration to the diabetic community!
    Thank you for speaking up and sharing your journey!

  9. I just found your site on diabetes daily. I love your story! full of motivation. Losing 100 pounds is outstanding. I read your bio and I would love to hear you speak in public only I live in New York.

    Amazing work your doing!

  10. read the post chronicles. says:

    I saw your site over at the post chronicle. I will leave the link just in case you have not seen it.
    Very inspired by your story. You are beautiful and what an amazing transformation.
    Congrats on your wonderful job at losing that much weight. I look up to you. You have a wonderful web site and I did vote for you at Divine Caroline. I hope you win


  11. Thank you for sharing your story! I so badly needed to find someone to look up to and who has already need down the long road. I have type 2 diabetes and it stinks.

  12. I voted for your site! I saw your story on Food Fit! Such a inspiring story!

  13. Thanks for sharing your story. I googled 6 small meals a day and felt blessed to find your site.
    Thank you so much for having a site for people like me can come to get motivation.

  14. Lovely lady you are. What a wonderful reason for your competing in pageants. I have competed in the Mrs. USA pageant and it is a wonderful way to spread a message. You should consider doing that pageant. I could not believe in the interview when I read you are 42. You look so young.

  15. Wonderful Story!!

  16. I can't wait for you to work with us Jill. I find your story nothing short of fantastic and see why people get inspired by you.

    I really enjoyed speaking with you the other night and just wanted to give you a shout out on how much I like your site.

  17. Loved the power of this story! You have a wonderful message to share! I put in a vote for you at Divine Caroline!

  18. Thats fit had it right when they posted your story. I saw it and am so motivated to make change. You are wonderful for sharing it.

  19. Your story is not only impressive but so real and went straight to my heart. I voted you in for C D!

  20. YOU LOOK HOT!!
    I am diabetic and have 200 pounds to lose. I have taken off 45 so far.
    You have a power voice for diabetes.
    Good work! I voted you in for best blog.

  21. Jane Carver- Boise Idaho says:

    Cool!! Can't believe how much you lost. I have had my eye on your blog for months. thanks for the support.

  22. Wonderful Transformation! I wish I could have heard you on the radio! If you ever need information on diabetes visit our site!
    Have a successful diabetes month. You are a wonderful example to others and should be very proud!