Mrs. Idaho International Pageant

My wonderful Pageant Sisiter’s in our opening number dress.
Back stage pageant night. 

Taken after interviews.
After losing 100 pounds and competing in this pageant sure had me reflect on this past year. What an amazing year it’s been. I have learned so much about myself. My love for helping others has grown and grown and I sure love all I have been able to do with my platform.
Here Pictures from Pageant weekend.Wow! What a wonderful weekend it was. Sorry it took me so long to post but after the pageant I spent some time sleeping and time with my family. I started getting back to normal life sometime late Monday.
I had so much fun in the the Mrs.Idaho International pageant. It’s been 20 yrs since I did a pageant and to be on-stage was amazing.
I am happy to report I got in the Top 5 of 19 wonderful woman. I also won the Spirit of pageantry award AKA: Mrs. Congeniality and the Community Service Award. Both meant so much to my heart. I loved my pageant sisters and the wonderful Miss and Teens I got to know.I also love my community and have just had the best experience being able to spread my message.
. A big thank you to all of my sponsors and to everyone that showed up to the pageant. Thank you to everyone who gave me so much support.
I also want to thank my wonderful personal trainer Rebecca Carington . She has stood by my side these past 9 weeks and really not only trained me but lifted my spirits so high each and every time we saw each other.
To my family who I love so dearly. Thank you for being there for me through this whole journey. I love and appreciate you so much. 🙂 Jill
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  1. Jill,
    Thanks for the e-mail update.
    I am so proud of you. You are an amazing woman and am proud to say I know you!! Congratulations!!
    Keep spreading your wonderful message. I know it has helped me!

  2. Great outcome Jill, When is your next one. You did great and it was great seeing you on stage. You look so great on-stage!


  3. Jilly,
    I am so proud of you woman! You did so wonderful and looked so beautiful. It was great to be apart of your special night.

  4. I am from Toronto and found your web site from putting eating six small meals diabetics in to google.
    I love your blog and am a reader of your articles and love them. Congratulations on your awards. You have embowered me and I have now lost 20 pounds since January thanks to the motivation I have received by you.
    You have a very bright future ahead.

  5. Kaitlynn says:

    Way to go Jill. I new you would place high. You look absolutely beautiful! Wish I could have been there to watch!!

  6. josephine says:

    YOU LOOK HOT!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have been a reader of your welsphere articles. Congratulations. What a great accomplishment. You have made so many wonderful changes. You are a good example to all married woman.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Congradulations!! You are such a sweet gal and such an inspiration!! (hope your shoes were comfortable for the interview):) Kristy S.

  9. Congratulations, It was a pleasure getting to know you when you came and spoke to my youth in meridian.
    I wish you won. You would have made one great Mrs. Idaho!

  10. Linda porter ( Idaho tribune reader) says:

    You are an inspiration to so many.
    You have many things to do while you are on earth. Keep up your good works as you have brought so many of us great joy.

  11. Cassy from Texas says:

    What a wonderful Roll model you are not only to us mom,s woman over 40 and teens but to our young kids as well. I am sad to hear you did not win because I thought you would make one rockin Mrs. Idaho.
    Best wishes to you. You have a great calling in life and you have many wonderful thing ahead.

    Keep up all of your good works and enjoy your beautiful family

  12. I was hoping you would win that pageant. You are such a good roll model to our youth. Your dress was modest you looked great and you looked like you were having so much fun. I was actually at the pageant to see Brenda Mee but loved seeing you on-stage. My dad told me you were in the paper and I did not see it so I got on-line and found your article. great work.

  13. Wonderful Pictures. I am a advocate for diabetes as well. I love your site and your message. I would love to hook up with you and talk with you but don’t want to leave my number on your blog. Can you comment back and tell me away to get a hold of you?

  14. Jill,
    Congratulations on your success with the Pageant! You look beautiful and I can see it radiating from the inside out! Good luck with the next one! Can’t wait to hear of all your adventures!

  15. Anonymous says:

    You go girl! I found you on Tu diabetes. I have read many of your posts and love the fact you are out there spreading the message about diabetes and your great change. You are a beautiful lady and I wish you all the best of everything!


  16. I have done international pageant 3 times. It's the best system. Glad to see you like it. Hope your coming back in 2010. I saw your site on Tim pageant cast news.

  17. Karen Clarke says:

    I am thinking of competing in the 2012 pageant. I have so many questions for you. Is there a way I can reach you??

  18. Alisa Cryer says:

    Great, there is actually the right points with this publish a few of my buddies might find this particular appropriate, sends them a link, many thanks. Congratulations on all of your hard work! Job Well Done!