Dying to be perfect

This subject matter is a hard one for some to talk about. I have known many who have gotten close to death just to be thin/skinny by either not eating at all or eating and then throwing up their food. Understanding eating disorders to people who haven’t had one but this movie is great education because it get’s to the core of the problem by showing Ellen Hart Pena’s life story.

Ellen Olympic hopeful faces the end of her career as she battles anorexia and bulimia. She tries to hide her eating disorder from her husband who is the Mayor of Denver, who is constantly in the public’s eye. When her condition gets worse, she reveals her secret to her husband and undergoes treatment. She is able to overcome her illness with the love and support of her family.For anyone struggling with a eating disorder don’t feel ashamed! Get help!!

I know that is easier said then done but watch this movie and my hope is it helps give some hope that you too can recover. My friend who is struggling with bulimia who is now in treatment said it was not until this movie that she realized how big her problem really was.

She shared that sometimes it’s just easier to live in denial then to face a problem we are struggling with. She felt so much shame when first coming out telling her friends and family about her struggle but now she is in treatment and doing so much better. Her health is getting better and she is healing from the inside out. She has gone to the core of what causes her to do what she does. Much of it is old wounds of pain of things that have happened throughout her life. Some she never really dealt with so her eating disorder came from stuffing her feelings. It’s painful dealing with pain from old wounds but she is facing things head on. Things she thought she would never be able to deal with. Things that other people did to her and things that due to others behaviors caused her much pain. I have complete admiration for this dear friend because she is facing her pain head on and that is never easy but doing so is helping her health Body, Mind and Soul.

True Champions ~ Living with Diabetes

Jill Knapp Diabetes Advocate

In this Episode of True Champions Type 2 Diabetes, we meet Jill, a former dancer who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes later in life. After facing a series of struggles, Jill turned to food as a source of comfort. Frustrated and caught in a cycle of binge-eating, Jill began to notice symptoms of diabetes, and was soon diagnosed by her doctor as having Type 2 Diabetes. In learning how to manage and treat her diabetes, Jill has also learned how to fully become and embrace herself.

Click below to watch the entire episode.

Meet Jill Knapp


Diabetes Link Up Conferecne


I was blessed to attend a Diabetes Linkup conference Just outside of Washington DC in Maryland.  This event took place at the beginning of November.  Such a perfect way to start out Diabetes Awareness Month.    This event was put on by  AstraZeneca.  It brought together patient advocates from the Diabetes Community.  I was proud to be apart of this linkup and loved that our main conversation was about how to grow our Type 2 Diabetes Community and how to grow the voice of Type 2 through advocates and in our community.  We also got to tour the lab and see how medications are made.  That was cool!!


I left feeling empowered and feeling like 2gether we can achieve anything.

With that said there are the wonderful people that attended and that I got to meet and get to know. These are all inspiring people with great web sites and are all doing great things in the name of Diabetes.

The wonderful Anna Norton, who runs  DiabetesSisters).

 Dr. P , Dr. Phyllisa Smith Deroze of Diagnosed Not Defeated;

Bill Gould of I Run Diabetes;

Mike Hoskins- Diabetes Mine 

Kathleen Weaver of Living with Diabetes and Lapband (plus her D-alert beagle named

Gene Kunde of Diabetes Hands Foundation;

Shelby Kinnaird of Diabetic Foodie;

Sarah Odeh of the diaTribe Foundation;

Michele Tuck-Ponder of Diabetes While Black

Meet Jill Knapp ~ Diabetes Documentary pre launch clip

Exercise Does Help Ease Depression!

When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I was in shock!!  I thought how did I get here.  Well the truth is I lost who I was.  Being Mom and wife always came first and I left myself for last.  Those words from the Dr.  You have Type 2 diabetes did something to my soul.  It put prospective into my life and made me realize that I am no good to others if I don’t first take care of myself.  Struggling from loss and miscarriage through the years made me realize what depression really was.  Many suffer from it.  I don’t know that when I had it that I actually knew I had it but looking back I had all the symptoms.  As I got that diagnosis and started to exercise life changed.  It wasn’t all about what was happening to my body on the outside it was what was happening to my soul and my brain.  Endorphin’s released from exercise can help with depression and that is why I was feeling so good.  It took years for the weight to all come off but what I felt along the way was why I kept exercising!!   I have posted this before but this graphic really helps you realize the benefits of exercise.

Exercise the natural AntidepressantSo if your not already exercising give it a try!! You will notice a difference!!


Jill Knapp

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