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I am always finding ways to have healthy options in the house for my kiddos.  Perky fruit bodies is a all natural fruit snack that is one of my favorites.

We got home from a long day of school and speaking engagements.  We were all tired but had one more big thing to do.  It was my son’s night at scouting to advance and be awarded his arrow of light award and his webelos award.   I had a few perky fruit body snacks in the car and it was the perfect snack to get us going right before we headed out to his event that night.  I never feel guilty for giving us healthy snacks so I like to have them in my car. We also finished one when we got home.

perky fruit bodies

One bite and you knew it was real fruit and not a processed sugar snack!!  The number 1 flavor was Strawberry Banana  …  Everyone came back for 3rd and 4th’s  and 5ths of this flavor.

Perky Fruit Bodies Gil Cohen  you have a wonderful product and what a great way to run a family business.

Talk about a healthy snack:

We love Perky fruit Bodies!!

Best Type II Diabetes Friendly Snacks!

Diabetes Month

It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month!!

Jill Knapp Featured on the cover of Health Monitor MagazineIt’s Diabetes month and I am apart of 2 big media Diabetes campaigns. This will for sure keep my month super busy but I feel really blessed.
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Jill Knapp Health Ambassador !!

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Jill’s Fit Tip Tuesday!!

healthylivingHealthy living starts in the kitchen. Other tips to a healthy living are:

`Managing stress: Exercise is the number one way to rid of stress. Get out side if you can. Walking and partaking of the beauty around you.

~Get a good night sleep. I know it seems like there are never enough hours in a day but set a bed time and stick to it no matter what!! Get 8 hrs of sleep a night and this alone can make life better.

~Water, Water, Water AKA the liquid of life. Make it a point to drink lot’s of water. Water flushes the toxins out of your body. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and DRINK!!

~Cut out the sugar. sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, and Americans are consuming 152 pounds of sugar a year. Once you get off sugar life feels so much better.

Stay Healthy!!

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